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  1. howto robot control over wifi with joystick (python? shell? pipes? ssh? telnet?))

    Hi, I need some advice so I don't get lost in a jungle of overcomplicated programming. The problem I'm facing is the following: I have a robot (more like a stack of parts and an old PC) to which i...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Linux powered robot - webcam streaming under Linux - some help would be awesome!

    I know this is an old thread but for anyone reading this: I had the same problem: tried to stream webcam from robot over wifi to other computer. It worked when i tried ssh - X [ip adress robot] , log...
  3. Re: user account confusion (windows account inherited?)

    SOLVED it :)
    thanks guys, it was so simple and right in front of me...I feel a bit ashamed :)
  4. Re: user account confusion (windows account inherited?)

    frankels@ubuntu:~$ env | grep HOME
    frankels@ubuntu:~$ egrep -i 'frankels|erik' /etc/passwd
    frankels@ubuntu:~$ cd;pwd;id...
  5. user account confusion (windows account inherited?)

    Hi, I just installed ubuntu 12.04 from windows using wubi. Somehow the windows user account name got into ubuntu and now there is confusion in ubuntu over the user:
    the folder in the home directory...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: remove second (blanco) HD without grub error 21

    I've now tried reinstalling grub (with the gutsy gibbon live cd) but everywhere someone explains how to do this (like here: they forget to include...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: remove second (blanco) HD without grub error 21

    Thanks again for the reply. I did actually wait, it took about a second and firefox 3 took me to the exact location of error 21. Of course I have also googled error 21 before I posted here, and found...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: remove second (blanco) HD without grub error 21

    Thanks for the reply. I'm sorry but thats just a link to some general information that doesn't hold the solution (or instructions) to my specific problem. I need to know exactly how to tell grub to...
  9. [ubuntu] remove second (blanco) HD without grub error 21

    Hi, Grub is giving error 21 at stage 1.5 after I remove my second (empty) hard disk. I want to be able to physically exchange my two disks and have ubuntu on one and some windows or whatever on the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: GeForce 8800GT & sound not working in 8.04

    What worked for me was to go to system>preferences>sound> and change things to alsa, i have hda intel(alsa mixer) in default mixer tracks. (thats just the sound part...hope it helps someone)
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