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  1. [all variants] idea: DHCPd MAC Filtering with MySql backend

    I just wanted to see if anyone knew anything about this, or could offer an alternative.

    Goal: -Have a DHCP server be filter MAC addresses and only give IPs to a computer if its MAC was on the...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: KVM - Performance any way to speed up the mouse?

    do you have XP slimmed down as much as possible? go back to windows 95 start bar, etc

    i forget what else can be done to optimize XP, but in combo with your previous efforts you may be getting...
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    [ubuntu] Re: LTS Releases & Program Updates

    the community does not want to work with 4 versions of ubuntu floating around. It cuts down on efficiency and dealing with questions like this. Plus, if you recently upgraded from 6.06 (the last LTS,...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Which is to blame: My wireless card or the Service?

    how old is that router? It is not out of the ordinary for a router to go haywire soon before it dies. If the windows machines are also having trouble connecting, it is definitely the router.
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Server --> Web-filter w/ login.

    I was looking into Dansguardian, but I am a little confused.
    Do I need both squid and dansguadian? or just dansguardian? Dansguardian acts as a layer on top of the proxy, but is the proxy itself...
  6. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Server --> Web-filter w/ login.

    Hello to my fellow Ubuntu users, and congrats to the devs of Hardy Haron.

    I am looking for a free way to set up a transparent proxy server with web filter. The goal is to have all traffic of a...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Power troubles...unintended system slowdown?

    well, first the screen dims and goes black, then the monitor drops the signal and goes to sleep. On resume, the monitor wakes up and I can see the mouse, but no prompt comes up to log back in for a...
  8. [ubuntu] Power troubles...unintended system slowdown?

    Ok, so here we go. I am running ubuntu 7.10 (upgraded for 7.04 once it came out). It is the desktop version, but I am using it as a server to serve a few internal webpages, torrentflux (read LAMP...
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