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  1. [OtherOS_] Trouble with GhostBSD 64bit on VMware Workstation 9 (on Ubuntu 13.04 Gnome Remix)

    I recently downloaded Ghost BSD 3.0 Gnome 64bit and it runs like a dream in VMware Workstation 9 as a live cd but when I try to install it keeps stalling around two thirds of the way into...
  2. [OtherOS_] Trouble getting PC-BSD 9.1 Isotope to connect to internet in VMware Workstation 9

    I recently downloaded a couple of versions of BSD, (Ghost and PC-BSD) to have a play around with on VMware Workstation 9. Ghost has conected to the internet using NAT without any trouble, (apart from...
  3. [PPC] Best/most recent Ubuntu version I can install on Powerbook G4 Titanium?

    I recently aquired an friends old, (PPC) Powerbook G4 Titanium and would like to install Ubuntu as tbh I cannot stand the Apple OS, (of any kind) and was wondering what would the best/most recent...
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