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    [ubuntu] Re: Thinkpad X220 Wired Network Driver

    Thanks a lot chilli555 for the help. I also ran into this issue and on extensive googling got this thread :) Thanks again. Looks like the fix will be out soon in an updated kernel...
  2. [ubuntu] Light-weight network-monitor for getting details per access point

    Is there a light-weight network-monitor (preferably like vnstat) which can give me details based on SSID. Basically I want to know how much data I download using my home Broadband/wifi. Vnstat...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Another conky Calendar Problem after updating to 11.04 Natty

    Burgales, Thanks a lot, solved mine too.
    Version Dependency, can you tell me which font are you using for displaying the time?
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Another conky Calendar Problem after updating to 11.04 Natty

    Exact same problem! Annoying!
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    [ubuntu] Re: vpnc & network-manager-vpnc inconsistency?

    I had the same issue, but the solution was simple and weird....I just unchecked "Available to all users" and it worked for me....Check it out...
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    [ubuntu] Re: VPN Cisco connection failed

    I had the same problem...Even though this a 2 year old thread, in case somebody is still facing the issue....Uncheck "Available to all users" and it should work...
  7. Re: Issue with reliance netconnect cdma usb modem

    I have had the same issue. Delay of 2 mins before it detects the usb modem. One thing I have noticed is that if I connect to internet using gnome-ppp, I can see the mobile broadband option just after...
  8. Re: Using Google Calendar, Thunderbird and Lighting to full effect

    I am not sure if I have missed any post regarding this in this thread.

    What I want is to publish my Local calendar to Gcal automatically. I dont want to manually export/import ics files ...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Pidgin update

    same with me too :(
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    [ubuntu] Re: Pidgin 2.7.1 doesnt flash in 10.04

    I tried lot of themes, but doesnt help. Is there an existing bug for this or only selected people are seeing this issue?
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    [ubuntu] Pidgin 2.7.1 doesnt flash in 10.04

    Pidgin is refusing to flash even after setting the "blink on new messages". I know this was a bug in 2.7.0. Is it fixed in 2.7.1? I tried checking the Message-notification plugin, but no luck....
  12. Unable to boot 10.04 after editing /etc/fstab

    I am running 10.04 inside windows XP using Virtual Box. Today I edited /etc/fstab for auto-mounting Windows partition, but now, its not booting. If I press control alt F1, it shows mounting error,...
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