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    [ubuntu] Re: Need help with steelseries 3GC gamepad

    I have the 1GC steelseries and the program qjoypad works great with it .
    Using the quick settup you are using the keyboard settings in order to set it.
    try this with your controller and let me...
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    [all variants] Re: Shoutcast TV off the air?

    this link

    now produces

    not working, shoutcast don't support this anymore :(

    looks as if Shoutcast is leaving...
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    [all variants] Re: Shoutcast TV off the air?

    found the same issue here was saved as a prism shortcut loved it I know shoutcast has been going through some changes for...
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    [all variants] Re: Systematicaly calling Netflix

    i emailed them this

    Above is an example of what Netflix...
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    [SOLVED] Re: rip/copy internet radio

    streamripper link -r -l 400
    now gives a command not found for -r
    before i used to be able to pick up the relay under
    vlc http://localhost:8000

    under help it now specifies
    -r [[ip:]port] -...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Tunapie2 won't display any Shoutcast Radio channels
    i used the above in the rhythmbox plugins folder and opened the file in terminal had to click the plugin check mark and restart the computer...
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    [ubuntu] battery power percentage to low

    I know how to set and have set my net-book gz5 running on lucid to stay on at all times.
    however unlike in xubuntu I don't have the option to change when the computer is critically low. I don't have...
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    Re: Linux broke my netbook

    my acer one 512 ram 8gig hd was bought reconditioned with after market blue-tooth honestly i think that when acer took over the former fedora project now known as limpus they did not resolve the...
  9. [xubuntu] Re: i installed xubuntu 10.10, netbook mouse doesnt work anymore

    I n my case I upgraded from lucid for the better codec support everything worked like a champ until about a week and a half ago when my samba shared disappeared and after taking to someone on launch...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Anyone know a program that will do equations for me?

    if you dont have openoffice so sudo apt-get install -y
    by default the equations part of open office is hidden off the menu
    /usr/share/applications/ Formula
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    [kubuntu] Re: knetworkmanager disabled itself

    well i did not have this problem on my desktop however i did have it on my net-book these instructions worked for getting my net-book to receive a landlines signal however i cannot see any wifi...
  12. [kubuntu] Re: Kernel Update has Killed Wired Networking

    thus-far the new kernel has not affected my desktop however cant say the same about my net-book. i should mention i don't know if this is the new kernel or just the fallacy of false cause; only since...
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    Re: Must get Linux games (what am i missing?)

    For some reason Im able to watch videos by any means and play gnome-games as well as urbanterror.
    However when it comes to playing games such as supertuxkart and zaz; in supertuxkart the music plays...
  14. Re: HOWTO: Send and Receive Hotmail through Evolution

    Not starting internet superserver: no services enabled.

    E: Directory '/var/log/apt/' missing

    is the message i get after trying the second step this /var/log/apt/ missing as been common as of...
  15. [xubuntu] A Division of Cisco Systems worked on xp but not xubuntu?

    I have two computers using xubuntu both 904 and 910 the one on 910 below is the information i get when I try to get them connected wirelessly
    does any one know where I can find the information on...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Cricket Broadband (or other EVDO connection)

    i just solved this problem on fedora 10

    the first you need to make sure it is checked on your start up files
    the second will make sure the third works note there is a set of files on the third...
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    [ubuntu] Re: HOWTO: Cricket Wireless A600 Broadband Modem

    im on fedora 10 using an acerone 1101722 in tryng some of these instructions they for the most part seemed promising however lsusb does not read the drive at all...
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