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  1. [SOLVED] Re: USB Wifi not working, but works on other *nix PC's seamlessly

    I managed to solve the problem.
    It turns out because the inbuilt Wifi Switch is stuck int eh "Off" position that was disabling all Wifi regardless of whether it was inbuilt or not. I blacklisted the...
  2. [SOLVED] USB Wifi not working, but works on other *nix PC's seamlessly

    Hi All

    I have a bit of a weird problem. My Think pad X201 internal WiFi is knackered, has been for a while so I use a USB WiFi dongle.
    This dongle works fine on my Desktop running Fedora 20 and...
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    [all variants] Battery not detected, but working?

    Hi all

    I have a gateway solo 5300 which is currently running wattOS which is a Ubuntu with Openbox remix designed for low power/old computers. I added the battery monitor to the panel and it...
  4. [ubuntu] USB startup Disk wont save settings or Doc's???

    Hi all

    I created USB startup disk using my current system 9.04 and I told the startup disk creator to use my 9.04 CD.

    It went fine onto my 4GB stick and I made sure the slider was at its max...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Script which creates a launcher

    Make a note of the extensions of your files that you do not want on your desktop, eg .odt files

    rm *.odt
    and you can add other file extensions onto that

    rm *.odt *.xxx *.xxx

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    [xubuntu] Compatible PCMCIA USB Expansion Card

    Hi all

    I am looking for a PCMCIA USB expansion card for my old P3 laptop running xubuntu as it only has 1 slot, its a Gateway Solo 5300, 256MB RAM. I have looked at a few on Amazon but nearly all...
  7. [ubuntu] Cd burning software with verification option?

    Hi all

    I am looking for some software to copy a data CD but I would like it to have a tick box "verify burnt media" so once it has burnt it will double check for any errors. I use Nero in work and...
  8. [ubuntu] Will this iomega Portable HDD from tesco's work?

    Hey all

    I know most portable HDD's work straight out of the box with linux but can anyone tell me if they have experience with this one please. Or if...
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    Re: Installed wubi but no option to boot ubuntu

    I have the same problem on my laptop which runs windows ME and i installed xubuntu can anyone please help me with that? It provides no option to boot xubuntu it just goes straight into windows
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