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  1. [ubuntu] Re: 10.4 upgrade - Fn F8 (external monitor flip) not working


    ah ha (!!), there's a bug entered ( Bug #585258 ) for this problem ---

    ..but its priority is only "medium" priority :(

    Perhaps it'd help if everyone who peruses this thread goes...
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    [ubuntu] Re: What DELL model do you have?

    All running 10.04...



  3. [ubuntu] Re: 10.4 upgrade - Fn F8 (external monitor flip) not working


    I have a Dell E6500 (with nvidia Quadro NVS 160M GPU) with (k)ubuntu 10.04
    installed (and up-to-date), and upon which I've installed the proprietary
    nvidia driver (which seems to work...
  4. [kubuntu] Re: Kubuntu 10.04 crashes completely when watching you tube - only firefox, Konqueror

    I ran an upgrade last night on a Dell C610 from 10.04 to 10.04.1. it had been running 10.04 nominally fine (tho there was a subtle display issue i could workaround).

    upon reboot after the...
  5. [ubuntu] virtualbox howto: bridged network Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 host winXP guest

    fyi: see my post here..


  6. [kubuntu] Re: plasma desktop suddenly went permanently(?) blank

    So installing Xfce in parallel with Gnome & KDE works fine? I'm presuming "yes", just curious if there's any big gotchas. If not, then I'll likely give it a spin.

    thanks for the suggestion,
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    [gnome] [SOLVED] Re: edit name of "Applications" menu? *BUMP*

    turns out I received timely suggestions/thoughts over on

    NoOp helpfully suggested:
    > Rather than do that, why not just install the 'Main Menu' rather than
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    [gnome] edit name of "Applications" menu?


    I'm trying to figure out how to rename my applications menu from "Applications" to "Apps" in order to (hopefully) get the "main menubar" applet to take up less real estate in my panel. (thus...
  9. [kubuntu] plasma desktop suddenly went permanently(?) blank

    I'm posting this mostly as an FYI wrt KDE 4.3.2 Plasma desktop (vs. Gnome 2.28.0) -- both of which are presently "stock" in Karmic 9.10. The below tale/rant is related in KDE bugs 225765 and 225766....
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