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  1. Re: error #1146 - Table 'phpmyadmin.pma_recent' doesn't exist

    helpful - but you omitted the path, which is more useful if you arrived here via Google and don't know where that is, exactly:


    Just use the import feature...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu is overheating/destroying my laptop

    IBM ThinkPad t42p here, same as Richard, 9.04 causes rapid heat buildup to the point that it the CPU/GPU fan gave up the ghost (I just installed a new one from IBM Canada and I am just about ready to...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Scrambled screen graphics and freeze after login

    Hi Drew,

    Assuming you see the POST and boot sequence OK before you get to the logon screen:

    Boot up the PC, when you get to the GRUB menu (or hit ESC to display it), choose the recovery kernel...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Nvidia 8400GS, LCD "out of range" But Working with CRT

    "Out of Range" means the vertical refresh is set for too high a rate, as most LCD panels have a hard limit of 60Hz (they aren't variable, it's 60Hz or nothing at all).

    You might want to edit your...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Guitar / bass interfaces with Linux (Rosegarden, Ardour)

    There's a wide variety of mixers at that price range, but to keep costs down I do recommend Behringer (basically, German reverse-engineed and Chinese-assembled Mackie clones). A quick look online...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Send sound output over internet in realtime

    I've been thinking along the same lines myself lately. Any audio stream I/O can be piped over the net device...
    What you're looking for is a two-way audio conference. I think this could be a good...
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    [all variants] Re: Signal routing, ALSA/JACK/SBLive

    I haven't had an SBLive for a long time, but thinking about what you describe gives me the intuition that real-time monitoring is the "unprocessed mystery signal". You don't really need it if your...
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    [ubuntu] Re: FL Studio in Wine - Latency?

    Jack isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Just make sure you also install QjackCtl, so you can trial-and-error your way to minimizing your latency - settings either work or they don't, and...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Guitar / bass interfaces with Linux (Rosegarden, Ardour)

    I respectfully disagree...
    It boils down to 1) how you work, and 2) bang for the buck - price check: A Delta 1010 is still around $500 US, Firewire MOTU 828mkII's are even higher. In the $200-250...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Guitar / bass interfaces with Linux (Rosegarden, Ardour)

    That's exactly what I was doing for years with an original Creative Audigy for scratch demos, since I rarely did anything more than track-at-a-time. Get yourself an inexpensive tabletop mixer (8...
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    [other] Re: Line 6 podxt usb driver problems...

    I could be wrong, but those functions look like they are from the ALSA driver libraries... do you have that installed yet? You might need the sources (you can try getting them in Synaptic), then try...
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    [ubuntu] Re: m-audio fast track USB on ubuntustudio

    Welcome! Hope we can help...

    A quick look at the ALSA M-Audio page shows a bunch of other USB products, so I'm guessing that it should be supported just fine.

    You can find the instructions for...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Recording music


    You took the words right out of my mouth. I should have read the whole thread before replying, but I couldn't resist hitting the button.

    Echoing what you said about workflows, I...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Recording music


    On the first point, you can cover most all of the bases with the popular LADSPA plugin packages, Steve Harris's set is nice. Tick a box in Synaptic (search 'ladspa'), and in no time...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Wow, how reliable.

    Sorry to hear it.

    Always, ALWAYS take your stuff to where you are going to be and do a dry run ahead of time. Multi-monitor support is not trivial to get going (as you had the misfortune of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Recording music


    I might have a fix for your coloration quandary: convolution plugins that can do reverb with room impulses can also use impulse responses of other things outboard gear. A...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Cakewalk bundle files

    Scratch that. Apparently AAF or AAF-XML is the new way to go. We might have to wait a while to see it implemented in Ardour, but AFAIK current versions of Sonar should be able to import older .bun...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Cakewalk bundle files

    Not to my knowledge, but one thing you can do is bounce each audio track down to .wav's that are the duration of the song (I set start/end markers to speed things up), then set the master tempo and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: driver problem

    I used EnvyNG for the driver install of my 8800GT, and afterwards the same thing happened, resolution falls back to failsafe 800x600.

    All your resolution settings are in your etc/X11/xorg.conf,...
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