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    [all variants] Re: Loopback security

    Sincere apologies for the awful formatting here, I can't track down the cause :(

    Thanks both for your time and posts! Of course, I understand all of this, and I do take (perhaps) extreme care with...
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    [all variants] Loopback security

    Hi all!

    I have a question regarding the security of the loopback interface. It's particularly vague and deliberately conceptual as I'm not looking for answer along the lines of (considering the...
  3. [all variants] Trash / Delete / Uninstall / Remove all PEAR?

    Hi All,

    Sorry to ask another question so quickly, but I've had no luck (although generous support) asking in the PEAR forums.

    I've got a very broken PEAR install- apt has lost track,* PEAR...
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    [all variants] Locking accounts

    Hi All,

    Sorry to have to ask but I don't seem to be able to figure the behaviour from the documentation or anywhere else on line.

    Basically, I have a few user accounts which are really only...
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    [ubuntu] Pear issues and Horde 4

    Hi all!

    Sorry to have to ask but this is quite literally my last step to server perfection and I've been tearing my hair out! I've been trying to get activesync working from a groupware solution...
  6. [all variants] Load blancing and Shared Memory in Apache WSGI Python script (mod_wsgi)

    Hi All!

    I've been looking into optimisation for a Python script which runs within Apache2's WSGI (mod_wsgi)- essentially trying to figure out the precise amount of memory associated with a...
  7. Re: Create a file from a Base 64 encoded string

    Ace, thanks. Knew there would be something simple, thanks for the pointer.
  8. Create a file from a Base 64 encoded string

    Hi all,

    Quick question. I have a base64 encoded text string which I would like to save, (through bash cli), as a file. How would I do this?

    Example & Clarification:
    Take the following example:...
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