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    [ubuntu] No Dual Boot after 10.04 install

    I have a PC with 3 hard disks, one IDE (30GB) plus two Sata (80 & 180 GB). The IDE is the disk master. Previously I had Ubuntu on the IDE disk, the smaller SATA for Windows XP and the larger SATA for...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dual Boot Grub2 Windows

    I have the opposite problem. I used to have Ubuntu (Karmic) on the master disk, but chose to put Windows XP on that disk (as it's smaller than one of the SATA disks I have) and put Ubuntu on the...
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    [ubuntu] Can't get WinCE device to Sync

    I have tried many times to get my Treo 750 running WinMob 6 to sync. I have SyncCE installed,and every time I doc my Treo It appears in the taskbar. I can see the battery status, the software...
  4. Poll: Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    I tried to update using Package update but it always got stuck, so I did a clean install. Most of my data survived, including the emails in Evolution. The main problem I have is in syncing my Palm....
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    Re: Once again, ubuntu is lacking

    I have an Nvidia 5200 on my desktop. In order to get the correct video resolution for my CRT display, I downloaded the Linux driver package from the Nvidia web site, stored it somewhere I could...
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