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  1. Thread: Ubuntu vs. Arch

    by kevdog

    Re: Ubuntu vs. Arch

    Arch is like a Ferrari, Ubuntu is like a Toyota. Arch is fun, exciting, but at least in my experience breaks a lot and requires a lot more maintainence. Part of this is regularly checking the forums...
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    Re: Thank you Microsoft......Not!

    If your running a computer with DNS server within say Comcast -- you cant expect your DNS server to propagate the changes to DNS servers elsewhere can you do to potential port blocking restrictions? ...
  3. Re: Please tell me more about Arch !? and Installing Arch

    Arch is wonderful -- kind of like a Ferrari. The wiki is very detailed -- almost too detailed the first time you look at it since it struck me that when I read it a long time ago, I had no idea...
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    Re: Cloning my hard drive ~ best utilities...

    I kind of skimmed this thread and I can only tell you my own experience. I have only once cloned my hard-drive -- the old one was full and I upgraded to a much larger hard-drive. I wanted the same...
  5. Re: Did you try other OS's before trying and keeping Ubuntu?

    If people are interested in Linux and computers in general -- probably most of the people browsing this forum -- I think its very valuable to try out and see other Linux distros. You gain a lot...
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    Re: Ubuntu Unity 14.04 or Mint Cinnamon 17 ?

    Got a few computer running Ubuntu LTS around however they are usually servers and so a lot of desktop applications I don't use on them or very rarely. On my main laptop I'm using Arch. Gosh darn I...
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    Re: do I need a firewall?

    If you are running a server that accepts connections from the outside -- such as ftp, ssh, apache (http), mail, etc, you need a firewall to help limit access to the box.
    By default ubuntu doesn't...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Best way to backup a Ubuntu computer

    Not to be redundant here but you should probably have a few different backup strategies.

    #1 - would be disc image backups. Clonezilla or fsarchiver would fit this bill. I like clonezilla since...
  9. Re: How is it Ubuntu never really gets any easier to use?

    Close this thread -- obvious a troll! Move a long. Nothing to see.
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    Re: Firefox Nightly or Australis

    Do you have a screenshot of the Aurora install? I had no idea about this project. I'm running the FF nightly as well, however mine looks different than the pictures you posted.
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    Re: From Windows 7 to Ubuntu

    Id recommend not using Ubuntu if all you want to do is gaming. That would be really a disaster.
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    Re: Ubuntu Doesn't Boot unless Recovery Mode

    Hey can you post lspci -nn?
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    Re: Recommend a simple backup solution?

    You have a lot of opinions in this thread for sure. I've tried a number of backup solutions, however what I've found for me is that in many cases its easy to backup, however you only know how good...
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    Re: A tale of installing Ubuntu

    I wish I could have experienced what you did. I love troubleshooting. I've installed Ubuntu along with a lot of other distros. Usually they are very straight forward -- almost to the point of boring
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    SSH server login in error

    Hey, I'm not sure what happened here and I'm trying to debug the error but I'm stuck. Recently did a maintainence upgrade (no version change), rebooted, and now I can't login locally to the ssh...
  16. Re: Upgrading hard drive size but I want to preserve OS on original system

    I'll probably have to write up the information on how to do this procedure, since I basically got it solved, and to my knowledge is probably applicable to any version of linux combined with a windows...
  17. Re: Upgrading hard drive size but I want to preserve OS on original system

    crap -- I think Ive defaulted to grub_install. Anyone with any tips?
  18. Re: Upgrading hard drive size but I want to preserve OS on original system

    No I'm working on a laptop and want to replace the old drive with the new drive. The old drive is dual booted. I've managed to copy the partitions and then later resize the partitions to the new...
  19. Upgrading hard drive size but I want to preserve OS on original system

    I have a 160GB drive which dual boots windows and Arch. The disk is nearly entirely full. I bought a 500GB hard disk. I'd like to preserve the original data on the drive, but allocate more size to...
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    Re: Nelson Mandela dies at age 95

    Wow mips, strong opinions. Good to here a mix of opinions since for all the hoopla, I'm not very well versed in the life of Nelson Mandela other than what you read in the newspapers.
  21. [OtherOS_] Re: Looking to Replace Ubuntu 13.10 with other Distros

    Ubuntu is great -- it really is. But on the other hand its a very nice life experience to really try out other distros and learn things that are non-Debian based as well. It really broadens your...
  22. [OtherOS_] Re: Looking to Replace Ubuntu 13.10 with other Distros

    Ohhh, watch the AURs. Id try to install the least amount out of them if possible -- I know its inevitable. You'll need some packages that are not included in the standard libraries, however when...
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    Re: What's with all the hate against Ubuntu?

    There is a lot of misinformation in this thread. Sure there is a lot of fan-boyism when bashing Ubuntu in favor of other distro's, however there is also some truth to the bashing as well. Ubuntu...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Cannot install Manjaro or Antergos

    Arch isn't really all that much of a headache -- until it breaks with an upgrade and it takes the forums a few days to populate properly with an workable answer. The Arch Linux beginner's install...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Cannot install Manjaro or Antergos

    Nomodeset is a kernel directive. I'm not sure if that really is your problem, however maybe trying to change kernel versions?
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