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    [ubuntu] Re: Is a System76 laptop right for me?

    I would pay attention to this:

    I also would advise that you talk to people at the university you will attend, especially to students who are in the program.

    If you need extended batery...
  2. Thread: newbie

    by bill516

    [ubuntu] Re: newbie

    Welcome to the sandbox! I started with Linux perhaps 5 years ago. It is a fine tool and a lot of fun as well.

    Here is a book I like very much:

    Scott Granneman, Linux Phrasebook.

    It does...
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    [all variants] Re: Running a laptop with an external monitor

    Bravo mgolden. Clearly written and it solves a real problem.
  4. [other] Re: Why I Left System76 (Thomas Aaron, signing off)

    Bravo and good luck Thomas! You doubtless do not remember me, but I purchased a PanP4 from System76 and you offered invaluable assistance several times.

    That PanP4 continues to work very well,...
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    [other] Re: Zareason vs System76

    In which case there is no point to asking which vendor is "best," and certainly not on a site dedicated to support from one of the vendors.

    I understand how difficult this economy is. A lot of...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Two major gripes with s76 laptops: battery life & power management

    Great! In my experience better battery life is going to make these machines very attractive indeed. My PanP4 obviously has a few miles on it, but people who try it are impressed. The only two...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Options when warranty expires?

    Well bgreenaway I suspect we are invited to make another purchase! If I did not like this PanP4 so much I might! After some early mechanical problems it has run flawlessly.

    The looming problem...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Two major gripes with s76 laptops: battery life & power management

    Hibernate/suspend has worked perfectly well for me on this PanP4 over the last several Ubuntu iterations. I have stayed with 10.4 and there are no problems. Debian Squeeze also has no problems. ...
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    [kubuntu] Re: how to fix broadcom wifi adapter to work!

    I found a "HowTo" over on the Linux Mint forum that might speak to this situation. It does address the Broadcom card at issue here, I believe.

    Mint is a pretty close spin from Ubuntu. I think...
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    [ubuntu] Re: remove it completely

    Quite right. First step, I think, is to roll back to an older kernel and see if that error message goes away.

    If the problem is wide-spread I have to think devs are going to be on it.
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    [all variants] Re: system76 laptop sturdyness

    My PanP4, now about 3 (?) years old shows one hair-line crack in the corner of its case on the lid. The only other sign of wear is that I have a few keys where the lettering is worn off. That is...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Two physical drives two operating systems?

    Not a bad way to do it, Ben Page, but it does not work easily on a laptop! (Which will have only one HD unless a second one is running through a USB port.)

    In any event I don't think it matters...
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    [SOLVED] Re: An Error Occured

    Ouch, been there and struggled. Sounds like your app needs a key apt cannot find. Did you install from the repos initially? I have less trouble if I do not wander off the apt/synaptic reservation....
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Installing a different distro on a System76 laptop?

    I have an older PanP4 and I run a variety of distros successfully. Currently Ubuntu 10.4, Debian 6.0 and aptosid 2011-1 all reside on my main drive. I have Mint LMDE, SalineOS and antiX all running...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Transfering Ubuntu

    Clonezilla should work nicely for you. It has for me. If you would like to watch a video that will show you how it works, go to the Clonezilla website, "Related Articles" and then click "Clonezilla...
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    [ubuntu] Re: about too install linux for first time

    Hmmm, I used an Asus not unlike yours with Ubuntu and I had no problems with it.

    When you say "boot USB" tell us more clearly what you mean. Are you trying to boot the liveCD in the DVD drive? ...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Complete Beginner's Wifi Issue

    System 76 maintains a section on this forum. Might I suggest you move your post to that section? You will get a much faster response from people who know your Starling and how to deal with it.
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    [SOLVED] Re: 10.04.2 or 10.10?

    The quickest way to answer your question is to download and burn both a 10.10 and 10.04 iso and then run and compare the two livecd's.

    You will see cosmetic differences to be sure, changes in the...
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    [other] Re: System76 Tablet

    Well, pardon me if I am wandering in the woods again, but if this thread is being read by product development, may I just say:

    1. Applications, applications, applications!

    2. Battery life,...
  20. [other] Re: Current State of Linux support for System76 laptops

    My PanP4 has been through several versions of Ubuntu with no loss of functionality I can attribute to a hardware-software mismatch. Do note that like several others I have tended to stay with the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Pangolin Performance p6 Anniversary Review

    The good news? I have a PanP4 in use virtually everyday and running beautifully. So your P6 should serve you well!

    Darned good machine, terrific customer support.
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    [all variants] Re: use Mint going forward?

    Isantop makes sense here, both in terms of his assertions about legal software and the identity of System 76 with Ubuntu.

    Now having said that let me say I run Debian Squeeze on my PanP4, as well...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Linux on a USB Flash drive

    I have done this with Ubuntu, Mint, sidux (now aptosid) and antiX.

    I have done the installation as I do it on any other HD running from my USB port. As one poster wisely said, make sure you put...
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    Re: Slackware on Pangolin Performance

    It would be nice if pillbender would do a piece on what it took to get Slackware running once he has it configured. I am curious and I think others would be.

    I am running Ubuntu 10.4, Debian...
  25. [all variants] Re: I cant help but to say System76 makes poor computers, and bad decisions. (review)

    I have an "older" PanP4 -- actually off warranty if you can believe that.

    Service from System 76 has been very good. Dell et al should do so well.

    My machine seems quite robust, though it has...
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