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    [ubuntu] Re: acpi and Synaptics touchpad

    That's a pretty old thread but the problem remains so here are my two cents.

    After kernel upgrade I've got cpu soft lockups during boot which was cured by adding
    "acpi=off" to /etc/default/grub....
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Volume buttons problem on Samsung laptop

    I've got a similar with Fn keys on the same laptop (Debian testing). Any time I press fn-key, touchpad goes down. So many thanks for the elegant idea! Would not call it a solution to the problem, but...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Anyone successfully install Ubuntu on Asus EEE PC 1025c netbook?

    I am not quite sure if this is the right place to post, or if anyone should need this information but I had a real trouble figuring it out and wish to share the results. EEE 1025 comes with a...
  4. Re: Wallpaper Thread - Post your ORIGINAL Wallpapers here

    Mostly pictures here are great, and some are truly delightful. Now I would like to present my humble picture. It is not suitably clipped but "zoom" will do the trick
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    Re: What is the name of your computer(s)?

    Quickwitted (desktop, 3 years ago) and WHITE (laptop, present, because, well, it is white = )
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Getting access to Network Manager Applet

    I don't see any reasonable explanation except that you have applet running,yet without icon in the gnome panel or whatever it is called. Is it so? Please check if:
    (a) the package...
  7. Re: Announcing Artha ~ An off-line English thesaurus with hot key look up & notificat

    thanks! lovely piece of software. since i cannot work around some weird problem with dictd server on my machine, Artha IS oh, so very welcome
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    [ubuntu] Re: dvd made in windows doesn't rip

    I don't know if it is better, but you may give a try to dvd::rip, it appears to be pretty advanced piece of software. Now, does this dvd contain video or just the data? In first case, consider trying...
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    [ubuntu] Re: software for a user new to ubuntu

    What kind of dictionary do you need? If it is, by any chance, a German<->English one, than I would recommend "ding" at
    Besides, there is a way to make your...
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    Re: What can Windows do that Linux can't?

    One thing for me. My built-in microphone wouldn't work with linux no matter how hard I try and how long I work around.
    Aside from this - everything is either just different of both different AND...
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    Re: Geek music!

    Don't forget about "Ethernal flame" by Julia Ecklar & Bob Kanefsky. Check for music and
  12. Re: Favorite/Most Hated & I'm ashamed about websites??!

    best ones: multitran, wikipedia,,,, ubuntuforums, oneandoneis2
    hated ones: stardict page, openoffice forums, ALL email servers other than gmail
    I'm ashamed to admit...
  13. Re: HOWTO: use gnome-dictionary offline (& faster)

    Thanks for the howto and, particularly, for address correction! Finally made it work with
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    Some five months ago I bought a laptop. I desperately tried for a long time to make proper back-up and dual boot with vista. Than I just unscrewed all 22 screws on the back of my laptop, replaced old...
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