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  1. [ubuntu] Want to know the reason behind the screen resolution problem of Ubuntu

    Hello All,
    I am doing my thesis on Open Source Software. in my thesis i also work with Ubuntu and for that purpose i want to know what is the actual reason behind the well known screen resolution...
  2. Re: Usability Test Pilot at Cleveland Park Library (October 10)

    Great fact i am doing my thesis also in this area.i will also do usability testing on ubuntu 8.04. do u plan any usability test cases? if yes can u help me in this regard by giving me some...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Usability testing ideas for Ubuntu 8.04

    Thanx Tal 4 ur reply.Well my goal about the usability testing is very simple. I preparing some usability test cases and gradually test those on Ubuntu and i want others response in this matter.
  4. [ubuntu] Usability testing ideas for Ubuntu 8.04

    I am conducting a usability test on Ubuntu 8.04.In this regard i need your kind help.If you already done any usability test or if you have any idea regrading usability testing of ubuntu then...
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