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  1. Need to extend disk(vmware). Silly problem

    So I need to extend a disk for one of our ubuntu machines.
    The VM has 4 disks.
    The problem is, I dont know which disk is what partition.

    Say that I have /med/mongoDB and /med/mongoDB-backup...
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    [ubuntu] Some problems after installation

    So I just got ubuntu 11.10 installed. But im having some problems.

    1. When I installed ubuntu I had to disconnect one of my HDDs to plug in my DvD burner/reader, its stupid I know, but I only have...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Installation fails "after" its completed

    I could try that.

    The thing is, if I remove and then hit enter and the text appare. I have to force reboot and then ubuntu dont show up as a bootable OS =/ Its not its not even installed

  4. [ubuntu] Installation fails "after" its completed

    Hi guys/girls.
    Im completly new to linux and choose ubuntu since it feelt like a good beginers choice.
    So I downloaded the 11.10 amd64 version.

    First I tried to install it with wubi just to...
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