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    [ubuntu] Re: White screen after Hardy install / login

    Thank you! I managed to enter in "GNOME FAILSAFE" tried to update but it said I was up to date, so I restarted and it's working ok now. although compiz is not working very good...
    But the main...
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    [ubuntu] White screen after Hardy install / login

    I upgraded to Hardy with the upgrade manager. Took like 8-10 hs but all went ok.
    After reboot I login and heare the post "login music" but get a white screen with nothing to do. With CTRL + ALT +...
  3. Poll: Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    Up to now I tried with 7.10 x64 CD, DVD and alternate CD (always 64 bits). I nothing... I always get a black screen and the keyboard lights blinking.
    (AMD 64, ATI X800Pro and Viewsinic 19" LCD)
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