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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 11.04 How to get back to the old interface??

    If you have Ubuntu set to go automatically to the desktop, then you won't get the login screen.

    If you have Ubuntu set to require a login, don't actually log in. Just click your account name when...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Add Gnome 3 traditional layout in Ubuntu 11.10

    Ubuntu Classic comes pre-installed alongside Unity. When you start up the computer and reach the login screen, click on your account name, then open the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen....
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    [gnome] Re: Gnome 3 did not install Mutter

    I suspect it has to do with your chosen theme, which appears to be different than the one used in the Gnome 3 demos. It's called Adwaita and should be available in the Appearence Preferences.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unity Dash settings

    I have yet to find a way to remove the "Workspace Switcher" button. Its functionality is easily duplicated with some simple, built-in, pre-existing keyboard shortcuts.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Help with my HP Pavilion dv6500

    Broadcom adapters can be a bit tricky. Take a look here for details on how to work with them.
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Audio Problems in 10.04 -- Can't run medibuntu

    Open up your system logs (System>Administration>Log File Viewer)and try to play an MP3 or other sound file. When you do that, your logs will record this attempt and log any errors. Then you can paste...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: 10.04 will not install, live cd wants me to log in

    I burned my CD in K3B at 8x speed. But when I restarted my computer and went through the installation process, the installer crapped out at 45%. I put the disc in my other optical drive, and the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Replacing 8.10 Partition with 10.04

    You'll need to choose the option to manually partition, if you want to replace 8.10 but keep Vista. Otherwise, the installer will attempt to put 10.04 alongside whatever else is on the hard drive; it...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Google Chrome and Flash

    If you're talking 64-bit, I've gotten it working tolerably well using this, but there's still lots of tearing in full screen Youtube clips.
  10. Re: Cannot enable Compiz desktop effects with Radeon x1550

    "Compiz --replace" told me it had a fatal error regarding the detection of software rendering. This occurred with and without Metacity compositing enabled. Running without the "--replace" modifier...
  11. Re: Cannot enable Compiz desktop effects with Radeon x1550

    I don't have such a file. As it turns out, Xorg doesn't use those files anymore. That part of the system was shifted to auto-detection in 9.10 onwards. You can create one manually, but the point is...
  12. Cannot enable Compiz desktop effects with Radeon x1550

    Here's the chain of events: I do a clean install of 10.04 RC and retain my /home partition from 9.10. I notice that desktop navigation is very sluggish. I install the "radeonhd" package and remove...
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    Re: Ubuntu beta's -- limit distribution

    Unless someone can come up with a practical, legally safe, and technologically sound method of limiting access to arbitrarily knowledgeable participants, there's not much to talk about after you sift...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Moving root and /home to new hard drive

    Thanks for the quick and informative reply. I should have also added that I plan to remove the old drive, which is currently listed as SDA and is an old PATA. The drive I want to move everything to...
  15. [ubuntu] Moving root and /home to new hard drive

    I purchased a new hard drive, and I would like to move Ubuntu 9.10's root and /home partitions to it. But all the guides I've seen for this process seem to refer to GRUB Legacy, while I'm using...
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    Re: 10.04 Asks for Removing Nautilus

    Sounds like some of your sources may be pointing towards Ubuntu's Lucid repositories.
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    Re: Lucid Button Positions

    There's a widely distributed Python script that allows you to make the switch in about five seconds. No reboots necessary. Don't even have to reload X.

    Personally, I found it by Googling "ubuntu...
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    Re: Ubuntu 10.04 Update?

    That appears to be a new glitch with Guest Additions. Select "Run Ubuntu in low graphics mode," then try the fix on this page.

    When you are done editing that file, it should look like this:
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    Re: Ubuntu 10.04 Update?

    Have you used VirtualBox before? It will boot an ISO that's located on your hard drive.
  20. Re: Putting 10.04 beta on a second partition, am I on the right track?

    I wouldn't recommend using the same /home partition for multiple operating systems, even if it's just different versions of the same distribution. Your user directory contains configuration files...
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    Re: By far the ugliest Ubuntu ever!!!!!

    Hi, wayneleon. See this link: Started with Ubuntu

    And this link:

    Installing Ubuntu won't have any effect on...
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    Re: Karmic stuck in a loop at login

    Yes, I did "bother" to read it. Because one particular update involves X number of packages does not mean that an *earlier* upgrade was not a partial or otherwise problematic. His issue predates...
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    Re: Karmic stuck in a loop at login

    Have you done any partial upgrades recently? Beta Ubuntu builds will often prompt you to do this, and they end up installing new packages whose dependencies have not been updated, causing a conflict....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Accessing Grub with XP

    Is this NIC integrated into the motherboard? If so, I recommend temporarily disabling it in your motherboard's BIOS. If it's a discrete card, remove it from the computer and see if that clears the...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot extract .iso (win7 language pack)

    Just search for "UDF" in Synaptic and you'll find a few packages you can install to add UDF support. I believe the main one is "libudf0."
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