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    [SOLVED] Re: Toshiba A665-6050 Microphone Doesn't Work

    I don't know if i should post it here or not (as it's a separate laptop, however i can't find any documentation on the hardware to know if the device itself is different or not), so i'll just post it...
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    [ubuntu] USF, ADP, and RMI

    I'm trying to get rid of windows completely, but one of the things keeping me from being a full Linux convert is that i can't play certain files in Ubuntu. I'm having trouble with USF (n64 emulated...
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    Update manager overheating issue.

    not 100% sure, but it'd be nice to get this out there. The problem with crashing while updating seems to be overheating. You can usually use some aptitude code to fix whatever's wrong as long as you...
  4. [ubuntu] important information about updating to hardy

    I'd like to note that some computers crash when updating to hardy (And i'm not the only one) through the updating manager. I don't know what it is, but if you happen to have had this happen to you...
  5. [ubuntu] From gutsy to hardy, there seems to be a problem...

    I have two laptops here, i upgraded one just fine, but it was a fresh install of gutsy from my cd. Noticed there was an update to hardy, so it just went fine. Hooked up the connection to the other...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Sigma Tel drivers

    Considering recording works on OSS, i don't expect much help from a big company.
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