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  1. [other] Need help finding PanP6 power button cable

    Hi, I opened up my 3 year old Pangolin to replace the audio jack.

    Upon putting it back together, the ribbon connecting the power button to the mobo inadvertently got repositioned on top of 2...
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    [ubuntu] Re: PanP6 in need of some love

    Your comment made me test my sound card and wouldn't you know it, it works again! After using an external one for 2 years, I had just assumed that the onboard one was done. Last time I tested it was...
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    [ubuntu] Re: PanP6 in need of some love

    Thank you. I opened up my system and it turns out the power jack was the culprit. I replaced it and applied some thermal paste to the cpu and lo and behold my problems are gone.

    The only...
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    [ubuntu] PanP6 in need of some love

    Hello System76,

    I bought a PanP6 3 years ago. Over time a few inconsequential things have slowly degraded and I've managed to work around them with not much trouble. However, it now has some...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    I am in the exact same situation.

    Panp6 with 10.04 upgraded to 12.04 today. Lid no longer suspends the system, but Suspend from GUI and resume from Fn+F4 works. S76 driver 3.0.0 installed as per...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Upstart failing to start MySql on Lucid

    Recently had the same problem on my Linode box and it got solved by adding hard drive space.
  7. [ubuntu] Re: vsftpd (+apache2) permissions configuration

    022 is the umask not the permission. Both are related, but different. The system uses the umask to set permission on files.


    umask = 022

    newfile will have permissions: 755 (i.e. 777 -...
  8. [kubuntu] Re: Kubuntu 9.10 no sound from some apps, after clean installation

    From what I understood about this, KDE doesn't use pulseaudio, but somehow it's been installed after my upgrade to Jaunty. Sound issues experienced by Gnome users after their upgrade (there's always...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Flash sucks.

    This is simply another example of what happens when a company gets too much power over a segment of a market.
    - Microsoft has done it with its windows, IE and Office (and will try to do it any...
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    [mythbuntu] Re: [SOLVED] Need help with ffmpeg tutorial

    2 other solutions. Begin by making sure that you indeed have the libraries installed. Run the command locate and you should have the specific file path showing up in the list.

  11. [kubuntu] Re: Upgraded to 8.04, nvitia drivers not showing

    I had some issues with nvidia after upgrade to hardy. However, when I boot with the generic kernel, it works fine, so i have edited my /boot/grub/menu.lst to move it up before the 386 one.
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