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    [ubuntu] a tricky upgrade

    Hey guys it's me again,

    Okay well this 8.04 came out I decided to upgrade from Gutsy to Heron to make a long story short, the upgrade had a few bumps and now when i try to click partial upgrade it...
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    Delete old account

    Hey I was told to post a request to delete my old account iwannabealinuxuser by Frodon, although i got a message from PmDematagoda saying that he's taken are of everything. A bit confused but just...
  3. [ubuntu] Back for round two and this time I'm taking him OUT

    Hola mis amigos!

    Hey everyone, this actually iwannabealinuxuser I built a new account for obvious reasons. Anyways I'm here to ask about Mac4Lin I spent yesterday setting it up in my OS, but now...
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