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    Re: gaming overheats my computer

    Integrated graphics on a laptop aren't really designed for gaming. The HD4200 will overheat often, from personal experience.
  2. [New Game] Re: Need Beta Testers for Tennis Games just ported to Linux !

    Whats the price for the games?
  3. Re: Advice for Building a Linux Gaming Computer?

    Interested as to why you are building a pure Linux gaming rig? I know the gaming scene in Linux is growing thanks to Steam, but is it worth building a PC just for that? Why not just dual boot,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Samsung TA550 Poor HDMI quality

    This is the problem I'm having, haven't found a solution yet, watch this thread.
  5. [ubuntu] Can't set refresh rate over 30hz, [HDMI] Ubuntu 11.10

    Hi all, got my 22inch 1080p TV connected to my PC, through a Asus HD 6570 Graphics card.
    Propriety drivers on CCC 11.9.

    On CCC it tells me my max supported refresh rate is 85hz, and on the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Internet not working after update

    downgrading would bring your connection back, theoretically speaking.
    your ethernet driver is clearly not installed, best way would be to get driver from 8.x and install from there
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Network manager keeps asking me for my WiFi password

    post results of iwconfig and lsusb please :) (in terminal)
  8. [ubuntu] Re: unable to access shared folder from Windows

    If you want to access a file from windows partion, you can just go on filesystem, host, and it takes you to the windows home, presuming your dual booting, ofc.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Samsung TA550 Poor HDMI quality

    Hi, This is very common.
    It's your refresh rate (hz)
    Have a look in ATI Control Center, does it say 24/30hz ? check what hz your monitor should be and change it to that :)
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    Re: wubi - installing 32bit on 64bit

    For people who are getting stuck with this, clearing up those ends. Terminal is Command prompt (for windows)

    you need to put terminal in the folder of wubi.exe.

    for me its in my downloads...
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    Re: Will Linux Mint Be the End for Ubuntu?

    No. Ubuntu is still as popular.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Fonts getting jumbled

    BillyBoa I think, is right. I was having this problem back on 10.04 with ATI and VIA video drivers, just had to install them and the problem went away. Did yours start bt initiating firefox?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Corrupted Drive After Restart

    Install ubuntu into your internal drive, and copy your data to it, then reinstall ubuntu on your external drive. (After Flashing) You may have broken sectors.
  14. [lubuntu] Re: Black screen problem during installation

    Try pressing Alt+F4, or plug into an external monitor.
  15. Re: What do people expect out of Linux (specifically Ubuntu) when coming from Windows

    People come back to linux for stability, a virus free reliable distro. Did you know microsoft recommends that you re install your OS every 6 months?!
    Windows gets clustered, using more RAM and is...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Screensaver activates while watching youtube video

    Can't really workaround that. Get the native youtube viewer app from Ubuntu software center, it's called minitube or something.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu hotspot

    You do not have to have a connection from your router to your pc all the time, as long as there is a connection between router and modem. You can unplug the pc>router connection.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Cairo clock

    What happens when you right click on it? Move it into the corner so its hidden.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Mouse buttons (left=right)

    I don't think so, but you can initiate second click from primary click.
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Broadcom 4727 Wireless Card issues: can't connect to any network?

    Think the OP has given up and/or upgraded to a later OS.
  21. [SOLVED] Re: Importing natty (11.04) ambiance theme to lucid (10.04)

    Is it not in the community themes pack?

    sudo apt-get install community-themes
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    Poll: Re: Do you think nuclear power is the way to go?

    One word:

  23. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 11.04 display resolution Issue - Detected " Unknown Monitor"

    This is a guide from the ubuntuforums user Grenage. It's simple and very useful.
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 11.04 display resolution Issue - Detected " Unknown Monitor"

    You'll have to configure a xorg.conf
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Switch desktop via command line? What command to give the

    control alt right
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