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  1. [ubuntu_studio] Re: My experiences with U/S 14 LTS, and JACK... A Learning Curve.

    Greetings weaseldb83.

    The name Jack is a good clue: jackplugs are used to make audio connections between different bits of hardware kit. Associate with the 'AUDIO' tab in the Jack connections box....
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    Anyone into Csound?

    Anyone interested in Csound?
  3. problem downloading studio via bit torrent.

    Hello forum.

    I had been thinking of upgrading to the latest Ubuntu Studio, and decided to use the bit torrent option at the UbuntuStudio downloads page. All went exceedingly well, and the...
  4. [xubuntu] Re: Partition errors when trying to clone?

    hi there OneOfMant07.

    I wonder if you ever found out how to resolve your CloneZilla " "Free blocks count wrong" and "Free inodes count wrong" issue?

    I stumbled across the same problem but it...
  5. Re: Can anyone help with my program in BASH

    Thanks very much for such a speedy response.

    I have read through the tutorials (at least those bits which deal with the basics).

    I have no experience of running programs under Linux. I assumed...
  6. Can anyone help with my program in BASH

    Hi there forum!

    In my many poor attempts to make a little BASH program, it seems that I am very inexperienced, and thus not at all good at it, (to be polite). I wonder if someone might be kind...
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    [ubuntu_studio] karmic studio plus Lucid

    Hi there.

    I had some problems with Jackd freezing up, and was getting fed up with having to run jackd every time I used Ardour, and so decided rather than upgrade to Lucid 10.04 LTS, from Karmic...
  8. [ubuntu_studio] Re: Is it possible to alter installation software selection?

    well thats a super fast response!

    Thanks a huge bunch. I will try and remember what that software list said and download them as you suggested.

    I would have reinstalled the whole thing but was...
  9. [ubuntu_studio] Is it possible to alter installation software selection?

    Hi all,

    I have just succeeded in installing Ubuntu (Karmic) Studio, anhd I am deeply impressed thus far.

    During installation: i got to the part which asks which software is to be selected, but...
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