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    Re: Temptation to upgrade

    I upgraded yesterday from Intrepid to Jaunty without major problems (only some minor application crashes, like panel applets)
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    [ubuntu] Re: View drives in Places > Computer

    Are you sure you have 2 partitions on that computer?

    It just shows 1 ext3 partition and 1 swap partition, so to me it seems impossible that when booted into the "first partition" you also see a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: View drives in Places > Computer

    Hi, Go to Applications --> Accessories --> Terminal
    and copy and past that command into the Terminal.

    Then copy and paste its output to this forum.
  4. Re: HowTo: Install the very latest MPlayer under Jaunty Jackalope

    Further, x264 is an encoder. If you don't plan to encode/transcode movies (only playback) it is not necessary to compile x264 at all.

    Edit: Thanks, Nullack
  5. Re: HOWTO: Compiling mplayer with multi-core decoding support

    Has anyone experienced glitches / crashes during h.264 playback (encoded with x264)??
  6. [ubuntu] Re: After Dual Boot install, Drive size reduced

    If you already have SP2 & 3 installed, I wouldn't recommend installing SP1 on top of that.
    If I recall correctly, back in my Windows days I used Maxtor big drive enabler (works also on non-Maxtor...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Help Help Help

    Wait a second -- you aren't permitted to access your personal home folder? How can you login then??


    sudo chown -R USERNAME FOLDER
    (replace USERNAME with your username and FOLDER with the...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: After Dual Boot install, Drive size reduced

    1) This is a very common problem, I think you need Service pack 1.

    2) In order to see the Ubuntu partition on your IDE drive, you need a windows driver which you can download at...
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    [ubuntu] Re: I caan't find file...

    This will help:

    cd "Practice Folder"
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    [ubuntu] Re: Icon change: Volume control

    You need to find where that icon is stored and replace it manually.

    Most icons are in /usr/share/icons and /usr/share/pixmaps. If it was not in your installed icon pack, ubuntu will most likely...
  11. [all variants] Re: Linux mount basics -- mount multiple drives to one point

    Thank you vanadium, that is definitely a better solution.

    However, it's only creating symlinks at that point in time, so if I add another folder to one of the disks, it doesn't show up...
  12. [all variants] Re: Linux mount basics -- mount multiple drives to one point

    Sorry this will take a while (I guess 2 weeks before I can test it) but I will post it here for further reference (and I'll PM you to remember)
  13. [all variants] Re: Linux mount basics -- mount multiple drives to one point

    I found a solution!!

    I used this command

    sudo mount --bind /media/disk-1/ /home/jeroen/Media

    Now I hope this can work for 4 disks to one point, but I can only test this later.
  14. [all variants] Re: Linux mount basics -- mount multiple drives to one point

    I just tried that with my USB memory stick but it also just makes a link to the disk into ~/Media (so it doesn't make links of the contents of the USB stick to ~/Media, which is what I want)
  15. [all variants] Re: Linux mount basics -- mount multiple drives to one point

    Ok thanks.

    See, those 4 disks contain many folders with media files. If I symlink like this:

    ln -s /dev/sdb /home/jeroen/Media
    then I just get a symlink of sdb into ~/Media, and no symlinks of...
  16. [all variants] Linux mount basics -- mount multiple drives to one point


    I have ubuntu 8.10 x86-64 on a single hard disk installed.

    I also have 4 other hard disks, all with 1 NTFS partition on it containing media files. I now want all those hard disks mounted to...
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    Re: Top hardware for 9.04


    Remember to install ubuntu 64 bits, and also install preload which is very helpful if you have that much RAM.
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    Re: Is mplayer still on version 1.0rc2?

    You can verify such information very easily on this website
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    Re: SQLite -> MySQL problems (Amarok)

    I've searched again for you and it appears that INTEGER fields can only hold numbers while you are inserting NULL in it.

    what happens when you change the query to
    CREATE TABLE statistics (url...
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    Sticky: [SOLVED] Re: Desktop Hardware Compatibiliy List.

    ubuntu 7.04
    lian li cr-33a cardreader 50in1

    only tried CF and SD cards, works fine out-of-the-box.

    keywords for search: lian li lian-li cr-33 cr 33 cr-33a cr-33b
  21. Re: Ubuntu & Vista Dells same price???!!!

    What he said, but adding:
    ubuntu can suffice with 512MB RAM while vista NEEDS 1G RAM.
    Ubuntu is less hardware-requiring so you can go with lower specs thereby saving money.
    The integrated intel...
  22. In how many years will i386-32 be obsolete and unsupported?

    I'm using a dell notebook bit a 32bits Intel processor, which is one of the last processors introduced with only 32-bits instruction-set. I'm using it already a year, but plan on using it 5 more...
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    Re: Jamendo goes "platinum"

    I've heard that too, quite a milestone. Please click the link to digg the post. Jamendo rocks :guitar: and Rhythmbox integration in Feisty is awesome.
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    Poll: Re: A single Linux??!!

    One of the great things of linux is freedom. Freedom to create your own distribution. Only one distro cannot satisfy all Linux-users, because every person has another idea to how the distro should...
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    Re: Speed tests

    Interesting, thanks for posting this.
    Something to keep in memory:
    Every new Ubuntu release shows speed improvements, every Windows-release is slower and more bloated.

    Edgy has faster Nautilus...
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