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    [all variants] Re: Move mouse with arrow keys

    Please ask your question with some detail.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Wobble effects not working on Ubuntu 12.04

    ubuntu 12.04 uses unity plugin, unity do not work fine normally with wobbly windows(have some issues), so by the using Compiz Settings Manager only some of features can only be used, else it would...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: How to install templates in ubuntu 12.04

    yeah Pinoy Tux, This thing really helped i put three of file formats empty files in my Templates folder and it automatically appears as a new document in the option menu.
    and also it renames the...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: How to install templates in ubuntu 12.04

    on Desktop:
    File-->Create New Document-->No templates installed
  5. [SOLVED] How to install templates in ubuntu 12.04

    I have Ubuntu 12.04 , and it have a option called templates, but it is showing that no templates installed , so how to install templates?
  6. [ubuntu] Problems in Dell + Ubuntu, Mainly hardware compatibility

    i have Dell Studio 1558 Laptop installed with Ubuntu 11.10
    i have been using Windows7 + Ubuntu Dual boot for a long time, the thing i observed is that any kind of performance whether it is

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    [ubuntu] Problem in updating Ubuntu 11.10

    i have dual installation windows7+ ubuntu 11.10 Dell studio 1558 laptop. recently i installed Gnome3.0 shell theme through command line but when i tried to remove it, it left some packages which were...
  8. Re: How to re-install WindowsXP on a dual-boot pc without uninstallin Ubuntu

    As you are re-installing windows-xp ,it will remove the grub menu of ubuntu , so after installing xp you have to re-install the grub menu from live Ubuntu disk....
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Recordmydesktop, microphone works poorly and no other sound is coming

    Just check if there are two type of output sound options in sound menu ,if so try changing default output device, then reboot the system
  10. Thread: no sound

    by tushar maroo

    [ubuntu] Re: no sound

    open your terminal
    enter command: alsamixer
    then press enter
    press tab to go through all menus listed and from use of arrow keys you can set the default volume level for each sound related device...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Boot manager missing

    install grub form a live ubuntu cd......that will repair your missing grub menu.
    this link can help you...
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    Re: desktop cube not working

    as you are working on latest edition of ubuntu,it have a unity package set as default,if you want to get back to facilities like 3d-cude and wobbling windows then you have to remove unity package...
  13. Re: i get the following screen as i start my ubuntu and it gets strucked there.

    go in recovery mode type
    startx --1
    then hit enter and tell is it working?
    if is working then it will take you to gui mode.
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    [ubuntu] Re: security enhancement

    still not working :(
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    [ubuntu] security enhancement

    recently i have upgraded from 10.04 to 11.10
    my present working system is 11.10
    in 10.04 i was asked my password to open ntfs drives of windows,but now i am not prompted to enter my password,so i...
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    [ubuntu] grub rescue

    i had a dual install with windows 7 and ubuntu 10.04 lucid,
    now somebody has deleted that partition from windows 7 where the ubuntu was install,grub menu is lost what should i do now?
  17. [SOLVED] compiz settings manager not working in 11.04

    i have Dell Studio 1558 laptop with 1GB AMD graphics card installed,also have dual boot with windows7,before i was using ubuntu10.04 lucid in that extra effects like cube like desktop were working...
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    Re: Transmission vs uTorrent

    I prefer Transmission bittorrent have a nice gui and customised controls.
  19. [SOLVED] Re: installation from 10.04 to 11.04 directly

    hey guys thanks to all of you for all replies,
    i just made dpkg-repack of all my installed packages and did a fresh install of ubuntu 11.04 natty........i recommend all the future viewers to do the...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: installation from 10.04 to 11.04 directly

    you directly upgraded through internet or some otherway.......and tell me the commands used if any???
  21. [SOLVED] installation from 10.04 to 11.04 directly

    i have ubuntu 10.04 installed along with windows 7 dual boot in my laptop,i want to upgrade to 11.04 ,can i do it directly without going through 10.10 .if possible then suggest some methods to...
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    [ubuntu] Shutdown problem

    hiiiiii i am using ubuntu 10.04 lucid on laptop,whenever i shutdown my laptop it goes in command line there any way to do it in gui mode???
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    Re: No wireless dell 1018 netbook

    you should try......
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    Re: No wireless dell 1018 netbook

    here i found solution for you hope that will help you out
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu won't load

    to extract your data from any o.s. you can boot the live-disk of ubuntu and extract the data out of it..........:)
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