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  1. [ubuntu] Why does swap space need it's own partition?

    I am using a Dell Inspiron 580 that I recently recieved as a gift. I wouldn't normally purchase a Dell, but I have no money and it my old computer was WAY past it's prime. After going through a...
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    [ubuntu] Evolution Mail client

    Great email client...

    Can I delete/remove this post? It is useless... I'll look into it later if I don't get help. Sorry...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: DVD (encrypted) plays video and music, no speech audio

    I have been having the same problem. Sometimes manually selecting English works, but sometimes it does not. I did not always have this problem but I cannot figure out what is wrong either...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Sound card not plaing in all speakers

    I am using 8.04 (supposedly 9.04 has GUI method to do this).

    open terminal and type
    sudo gedit /etc/pulse/daemon.conf
    ( make a backup if you are worried)

    there are a number of settings,...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can I change the size of wubi install?

    Sorry I didn't reply sooner, my concern abruptly became a much bigger problem and I have had so little free time lately. I knew I was low on disk space, but I didn't know just HOW low. I had been...
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    Re: Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide

    This is a good guide, but it seems to me that it ought to mention the daemon.conf (?) file for pulse audio configuration. On one installation I was able to get all 5.1 speakers to emit sound simply...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Sound card not plaing in all speakers

    Don't be so sure you have fixed the problem. I had the same problem as you, and changing the volume for the "surround" did turn on the rear speakers, but only for internet streams/music. To get...
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    [SOLVED] Can I change the size of wubi install?

    Hello! I am basically a newb to Linux and Ubuntu. I initially installed Ubuntu on my computer because I was taking a Linux class online. Once I figured out how to get all my multimedia working...
  9. [SOLVED] Re: 5.1 sound works great except with DVD playback

    Well, I fixed this on my own.

    I FINALLY found a post with relevant info:

    It did not exactly match my problem but one of the replies discussed...
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    [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] playing with 5.1 channel

    Is anyone still reading this post? If so I am wondering why I only get stereo (front speakers only) in the movie player because the speaker test correctly identifies all 6 channels (left and right...
  11. [SOLVED] Re: 5.1 sound works great except with DVD playback

    Using OSS or ALSA sound driver doesn't seem to make any difference... anyone? please...:(
  12. [SOLVED] Totem xine plays stereo only

    Hello, I am a newb with Linux using Ubuntu 8.04. I am using a Sound Blaster Audigy and have a 5.1 speaker system. The sound works great from all 5 speakers and the sub with rythmbox. Running this...
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