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  1. [ubuntu] Thunderbird GTK errors causing crashes

    I have been running Thunderbird for a few days now on a new Ubuntu 11 box, with no errors. Today I went to start it up, and it crashed right away upon hitting the launcher. I ran from terminal and...
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    [gnome] Menus slow to load

    I'm having a bit of an odd problem in gnome. Whenever I mouse over a menu with a submenu (bookmarks, program options, etc) they take a really long time to show the submenu. Sometimes I even have to...
  3. [all variants] Re: Filter specific text from source code with grep

    seems to work perfectly. I'll test it out in the next few days. I knew sed or awk would be the solution, I just don't have the time to sit and learn either :-/

    Thank you however, I appreciate it.
  4. [all variants] Filter specific text from source code with grep

    I'm working on a new conky script, and I had the idea to use text from a http://www.the**** The command I'm using to pull the file is:

    curl -s...
  5. Bad colors on HDMI connection, no sound either

    I'm having an issue with output from my HDMI port on my Lenovo Z560 laptop with an i3 and built-in Intel Hd graphics. I'm using Ubuntu x64 10.10

    -When I plug in the HDMI cable to the port, Ubuntu...
  6. [ubuntu] Reading album art from MP3 metadata

    I'm using audtool with conky to display music info from Audacious. I've seen various scripts to display album art in conky using the folder.jpg file in each folder. However, I've been embedding the...
  7. [kubuntu] Tunnel all network activity through proxy

    I have a VM setup running Ubuntu 8.1, and I'd like to find a way to tunnell all the network traffic out of the eth0 interface through a network proxy server. I've looked around and found how to...
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    [all variants] Re: Conky Banshee Python Script

    having a problem with the script in 10.10

    installed from repos, all ok. But getting the following when testing it in terminal.

    david@WR-Desktop:~$ conkyBanshee --datatype=CA...
  9. [all variants] blueproximity/audacious scripting problem

    I'm running a custom script with Blueproximity to auto-lock my screen whenever I walk away, and I had it set to auto-pause/play on Amarok as well. I've switched over to Audacious for the much sleeker...
  10. [kubuntu] Changing specific color settings KDE4

    I've put alot of work into my new desktop, and so far I have this

    I'd like to have the text for the icons have a black background and a white text, and...
  11. Re: Howto: Use BlueProximity and your cellphone for security

    I have it working sporadicly on Kubuntu. What is the lock and unlock commands for KDE4? I've found several commands, but either they don't work correctly, or refuse to unlock the screen once its back...
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    [all variants] Amarok conky script not working

    I'm trying to get my conky configuration to show the current track in amarok, using this script. After reading several forums and post about it, it should be working, but it's still not. related data...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Kismet config on Asus Eee 1005HA

    problem solved. I needed to add the *-dev packages as well for the compiler to work correctly.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Kismet config on Asus Eee 1005HA

    so i stopped by the kismet IRC, and tried to upgrade to the latest version of Kismet, but was unable to ./configure due to it nor finding libncurses, even though it is installed and updated.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Kismet config on Asus Eee 1005HA

    I'm already running 2.6.31-16-generic
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    [SOLVED] Re: Kismet config on Asus Eee 1005HA

    nothing? bump
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    [SOLVED] Re: Kismet config on Asus Eee 1005HA

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    [SOLVED] Kismet config on Asus Eee 1005HA

    I've read through 99% of the other "kismet config" help threads, and can't find any help with this.

    lshw -C network output

    description: Wireless interface
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    [kubuntu] Window Manager background setting

    I recently reformatted my PC to Kubuntu 9.1, and love it so far. I'm currently configuring my Conky file, and I'm running into a bit of a problem with making it transparent. The .conf file is below....
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    [ubuntu] Re: speaking alarm clock

    i'm going to be looking into this as well later tonight, seems like a really cool idea.
  21. [ubuntu] Re: need feedback on new computer setup

    so, finally got around to doing this setup...and it works perfectly. Installed XP 1st, then BT3, then Ubuntu. Grub auto-loads Ubuntu on boot, with the choice to boot BT3 or XP as well. Was actually...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: need feedback on new computer setup

    ty so much guys. Im planning on doing all this as soon as my buddy gives me his "copy" of xp ;-) I'll keep you guys up to date. thanks again!
  23. [ubuntu] Re: need feedback on new computer setup

    thanks for your quik response. is GRUB provided w/ ubuntu? I'm a total n00b at Linux distros. Do you think it would give me a problem having backtrack and ubuntu on the same physical disk, but on...
  24. [ubuntu] need feedback on new computer setup

    I'm seriously considering redoing my computers entire OS/hard drive system. Right now, I'm running XP Pro on a 40gb internal, w/ 2 other internals i barely use, and a 500gb external for my data. I...
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