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    [all variants] Problems with mouse and keyboard

    Hi, I've bought a new PC with the following configuration:
    - ASUS P8H77-V Motherboard
    - i5 processor
    - AMD Radeon HD6450 with dual monitor (DVI+VGA)
    - Microsoft keyboard and mouse (Wireless...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Need help in getting microphone to work.

    Also having the same issue. I could never make it work.
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    [ubuntu] Install public key

    I am trying to connect to a server through SSH but I get this:
    Permission denied (publickey).

    I have a public key file. How do I install/import it to make this work?

    Many thanks
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Problem with wireless in Karmic (Dell Inspiron 1318)

    Seems that now Broadcom BCM43xx drivers are disabled by default and have to be activated manually (like NVIDIA).

    Edit: This solved the issue
  5. [ubuntu] Problem with wireless in Karmic (Dell Inspiron 1318)

    I was running Ubuntu 9.04 on my Dell Inspiron 1318 and all the hardware was working fine.

    I did a clean install of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic (x86) and now my wireless card is not recognized. There is no...
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    [ubuntu] Apache not starting when not online

    When not online, I cannot start apache, which prints this error after doing an 'apache2ctl start':

    apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using
  7. [ubuntu] Problem with X server in 8.10 installation

    I am trying to install Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 32bit on an old PIII PC with a SIS 6326 PCI video card.

    Video card is working fine, as I can perfectly see the first menu (Try Ubuntu - Install Ubuntu -...
  8. [all variants] Re: HOWTO: Ipod Touch Sync in Virtualbox & Intrepid Ibex

    But was it an iPod Touch 1G (no speaker) or 2G (with speaker)? I am asking because there is no driver for linux (and no way of accesing it yet) for 2G.
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    [all variants] Ad-hoc wireless sharing internet

    Hi, I'm running Kubuntu Intrepid (amd64). My PC is conected to internet through LAN and I want to share the conection through an ad-hoc conection. To do this I got a MSI US54SE II USB - WiFi, which,...
  10. [all variants] Re: HOWTO: Ipod Touch Sync in Virtualbox & Intrepid Ibex

    Did you try with iPod Touch 1G or 2G?
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    KDE broken, no sound

    Everything go messed up in my Kubuntu Intrepid install. I did not install any news apps or add new hardware and it was working fine since the beta version (excluding some minor bugs). Maybe it's...
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    Re: 3.0 Intrepid Ibex debs

    Removing repository's installation and installing official .deb files from solved it.
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    Re: 3.0 Intrepid Ibex debs

    Same here. I get a recovery file dialog and then this ASSERT.
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    Compiz title bar

    I'm running Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex and using Compiz+Emerald.
    However, after some updates (perhaps nvidia or kde) title bar is not rendered anymore, so I have to use KWin as window manager.

    I have...
  15. Re: compiz broken after this morning (Oct7) updates

    In my case, KDE Windows Decorator and Kwin are in use when I boot and I have to reload Window Manager to make compiz work.

    Compiz and Emerald are default, but after Oct7 updates I have to go...
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    Re: Ecliplse PDT - Missing perspective

    I have installed Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede and PDT 2.0 as a plugin. I have tried starting eclipse with '-clean' and checked that I am using Sun's Java 1.6.

    However I cannot access PDT perspective.
  17. Re: [Tutorial]: Installing Eclipse 3.4 in Hardy Heron (8.04)

    So far, everything is working perfectly. I'm now installing some plugins.

    Thanks again.
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    Re: Kernel 2.6.27-6 - How is it working?

    Had problems here.
    First, after restart using this version got this message:

    "Not starting K Display Manager (kdm-kde4); it is not the default display manager"

  19. Re: [Tutorial]: Installing Eclipse 3.4 in Hardy Heron (8.04)

    Many Thanks for this tutorial!

    Are there any dependencies that should be taken into account? (probably sun's java6 runtimes is one)
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    Re: Eclipse 3.4 in Intrepid?

    Would it be OK to install it from Eclipse's website? I mean, would it be stable or really buggy?
  21. Re: Lexmark x1240 Printer Broken In Intrepid

    Tried umounting and mounting again usbfs and done some reboots before and after doing that.

    Also got an update of 119 packages from adept with, mainly, KDE 4.1.2.

    Any of those (or both) got me...
  22. Re: Lexmark x1240 Printer Broken In Intrepid

    OK, after several tries and reboots, now the error message has changed to:

    "Can't write page 1 header"

    Didn't find any information about it on Google.
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    Intrepid Ibex won't reboot or shutdown

    The only way I can make intrepid reboot or shutdown is by entering reboot or halt as superuser in terminal.

    If I try to do it through KDE, it won't do it. Instead, it closes some apps and then...
  24. Re: Lexmark x1240 Printer Broken In Intrepid

    Exactly the same here, with a Lexmark z600.

    Using Intrepid and the how-to mentioned.

    Any ideas?
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    [kubuntu] Eclipse installation mess

    Hi, after upgrading to Intrepid Ibex, I have installed Eclipse with Java, C/C++ (CDT) and Web (Aptana) support. Eclipse was installed from repositories and CDT and Aptana as plugins from inside...
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