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    Sticky: [SOLVED] Re: Sound troubleshooting

    Hi, I've been having sound issues on a new install of Ubuntu 12.04. My sound works for a while and then cuts off

    If, for example, i am watching or listening to something continuously it is fine. ...
  2. [ubuntu] Deleted Partition - Desperate help needed!


    I had lots of problems installing ubuntu on another PC. I eventually managed to get it working however on one unsuccessful attempt of installing Ubuntu it seems to have automatically tried to...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: D-link DFE-580TX: Drivers not working on newer versions of Ubuntu

    Yes they stopped making computers out of wood quite a while ago :lolflag:

    What about recompiling or changing the sundance driver that is automatically loaded in the newer versions of Ubuntu? Or...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: D-link DFE-580TX: Drivers not working on newer versions of Ubuntu

    Hi There,

    Thanks for replying. Yes it is a sundance driver:-

    description: Ethernet interface
    product: DL10050 Sundance Ethernet
    vendor: D-Link System Inc
  5. [ubuntu] D-link DFE-580TX: Drivers not working on newer versions of Ubuntu

    Hi All,

    I have a D-link dfe-580tx card. It works perfectly fine on Ubuntu 9.10 amd64 but on newer versions of ubuntu it seems they have disabled 802.1q or dot1q.

    The drivers that are installed...
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    [ubuntu] Mouse Problem


    I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 Precise 32bit. Sometimes the mouse doesn't work when i login to Ubuntu. The system hasn't hung, just the mouse intermittently doesn't seem to be able to do anything....
  7. Thread: What a dope!

    by stamati76

    [ubuntu] What a dope!

    I just deleted my ubuntu partition using the ubuntu live cd :lolflag:

    Can anyone help me restore the partition please?
  8. [ubuntu] GNS3 Not loading NET files after upgrade


    I have just upgraded to Jaunty and now when i run GNS3 and try and load one of my .net files, nothing happens :-(

    I have tried creating a new .net by creating a new project. After i have...
  9. [ubuntu] Ubuntu telnet client & cisco terminal server

    I really need some help with trying to get a client that works with a shortcut that allows me to exit from a terminal session.

    I have connected my linux server via a console cable to a configured...
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