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  1. [PPC] Re: Graphics problems In Power Mac G5 Quad (NVidia)

    I'm sorry for another bump, but anyway, I would recommend that you try Lubuntu 12.04 LTS or 13.04 because they don't have Unity, so you won't have the white icon problem, plus Lubuntu is faster than...
  2. [PPC] Re: Install ubuntu on powermac g5 that can't boot from cd or usb

    If you've made it to a terminal, that's great news. Do you have Xorg installed? Or does it just boot into the terminal? What happens when you enter: startx ?

    The MintPPC forums are a great...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS iBook G3 Lines on Screen

    I'm sorry for "bumping" this thread, but I have the solution (I think) to your problem. When your computer boots into the yaboot prompt, type in: video=radeonfb: off (without the space, if I don't...
  4. [PPC] Re: Install ubuntu on powermac g5 that can't boot from cd or usb

    Make sure that you downloaded the powerpc version of Ubuntu:

    If you've already done that, make sure that you burn your disc correctly, I use a program...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu will not install or load, crashes instead

    I don't know if you're still having the problem, but I thought I would try and help. Make sure that you have the other graphics card in first. I had exactly the same problem with my computer, same...
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    [ubuntu] Acpi problems on Ubuntu 12.04

    I have a Compaq Presario SR1010V desktop computer from 2004.

    I have installed a NVIDIA 8400GS PCI not...
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