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  1. Re: How Old Were You When You Started Using Linux?

    i was about 13 i think ,got my first ubuntu livecd through shipit back then
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to the Forums - Introduce yourself here

    Hello ubuntu peoples
    I'm a average linux user , I have tried many many distros before and I have always found myself going back to ubuntu. My name is Don and I'm a ubuntu addict ( Hi Don ) .
  3. Re: Do you think that our world will be truely open?

    Yes but imagine if those big corporations adopted opensource , think of how awesome it the new software would be , it'll be much bigger, more stable and free. Imagine the flawless code that'll go...
  4. Do you think that our world will be truely open?

    I was thinking to myself, as one always does, will our world (software wise) truely be open ? Will we reach the point where all big corporations will grow hearts and become fully opensource? Will we...
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