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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Mac Mini 6,3 12.04, working fine, then update borks system

    You don't have grub (grub is MBR only ...) Grub-EFI is for EFI and your hard disk is GPT so it's EFI

    so Booting with grub-repair and such.. doesn't work

    EFI Stub booting is not supported by...
  2. Re: Choose OS Straight From ReFIT Not Through GRUB? Is It Possible?

    Replace Refit with refined it's better!

    change the config of ReFit he is the one that loads grub (load boot loader on disk 1 partition 2 )

    ReFind auto detects kernels! so boots directly
  3. [ubuntu] Re: How to install Ubuntu on a Macbook pro with out OSx, direct instalation on a new

    3) Download the ReFIT boot disk

    4) Hold "ALT" when booting to see the boot disc's if "CD EFI" doesn't work try "CD WINDOWS"
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    Sticky: [other] Re: Intel Mac (Mactel) FAQ

    That has nothing to do with "Apple" but with the Ati Videocard.. try updating it.. Ati's support sucks though

    in a terminal:
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    [SOLVED] Re: Macmini6,2 network driver not working

    First of all you want to be at 3.8.5 because of the sound support and lots of usb3 fixes!

    cd /tmp
    wget -O kernel-3.8.5
    chmod +x...
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