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    [ubuntu] Re: 12.10 getting slower and slower

    Do you have a large amount of excess programs running during startup that would cause the system to boot slower?
  2. [all variants] Re: iPod Touch and Ubuntu 10.04 mount/access/&c

    Well, depending on what generation of iPod you are using (I don't THINK it will work on the gen 5...if those have even been released yet) and what iOS version you are running.

    What I would...
  3. [all variants] Re: iPod Touch and Ubuntu 10.04 mount/access/&c

    With the new iPod touches (I own a 32GB 4th gen) there is no longer a disc mode that CAN be enabled. Apple did their best to force you to use iTunes to manage music and files. The most I have been...
  4. Re: Reinstalling Windows while keeping Ubuntu on my Inspiron 1545

    If you have installation media for Windows on disc, you can install Windows onto the drive and dual boot even if Linux was installed first. This is a good tutorial for doing so:...
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    Re: Delete Widows XP without reformat

    To add onto this, if you DO need your drive shredded, rather than just deleting the partition; you can use Darik's Boot and Nuke to shred the drive with several different security standards. Just...
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    [lubuntu] Re: difficulty installing Lubuntu

    Under some distros e.g. Backtrack startx starts the graphical interface
  7. Re: Neither Ubuntu liveCD nor Gparted Disk recognize my harddisk

    Can you see it in another distro? Puppy Linux, for example... If you can, it may be the fact the HDD is outdated and would need a driver in order to be mounted.

    Another possibility, is that the...
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    [ubuntu_studio] Re: updating OpenShot

    in terminal, type sudo apt-get install openshot
    That should update that specific package. Alternatively you could copy and paste this: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" which will...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Dual boot with 12.10 and Windows XP - even after boot-repair

    A good utility I have used in the past when this happened was Super Grub. It will fix MBR and many other things. Give it a try instead of messing with repair discs. I...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Filesystem sharing in dual boot system

    This is my favorite method. It can be a pain migrating to the folder being so inefficient. But it saves you the trouble partitioning the drive. Another method I use is using Dropbox to automatically...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Will a SanDisk Sansa Clip (2 GB) work right out of the box?

    I don't know about the 2gb version, but I recently helped put music on my Uncle's Sansa Clip 4gb and it worked quite easily. As other posters have mentioned, it works just like a thumb drive and you...
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