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    [ubuntu] Re: Backlight doesn't turn off - monitor does not powersave

    Installed two systems, different Nvidia cards, and the same dell 24 inch monitors. The monitors used to power off after they reached the time limit, now they go to screen saver, and then to black,...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: USB Installation: Detect and mount the CD-ROM Failed?

    Also had same issue, install wanted the CD. But when I took the same image and created a USB stick instead of using a 100MB hard drive, it just worked.

    Not sure if it is a bios thing or a...
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    [ubuntu] Raid 5 segments change partion type

    I am not booting off raid, I am not running windows or any other operating system. Just ubuntu server 11.10. With gnome desktop installed on top.

    For my server application , I built a raid 5...
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