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  1. [ubuntu] Re: university wifi hell (eastern kentucky university)

    Actually, the problem is entirely licensing, which is an unfortunate but true part of the Ubuntu environment today. However, not all is lost.

    For Lucid and greater users:

    You've lucked out. The...
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    Meeting @ Common Grounds, July 26th 2-4PM

    Hello Kentucky!

    Everyone who is available on the 26th (a Saturday, hurray) should show up at Common Grounds Cafe. Caffeine, chat and get to know the LoCo and the BlueGrass Linux User Group.

  3. Re: Obama logo and your art.

    Need... stickers... now...
  4. Re: Authorization dialog for file operations (move, copy, edit)

    You can follow the issue here:

    Running Nautilus as root is scary. It's even worse now that we have GVFS, as you now have to start gvfsd and its...
  5. Re: Quick Look in Nautilus (kinda like Mac OSX)

    Then turn it off. Edit->Preferences->Preview->Sound Files "Preview Sound Files: Never"
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    Re: Change "Change Desktop Background"...

    That's really a silly request, we usually reserve environmental variables for significant changes in functionality that can't be done at compile-time or to subvert other run-time procedures. It would...
  7. Re: Canonical needs to hire more Quality Assurance guys for Intrepid Ibex

    You can throw some money my way too ;). But back to the point: GnomeVFS is considered EOL and deprecated. Not shipping it would mean Ubuntu would be the sole supporter of it for the next.. 5 years....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Desktop and home are equal

    Unfortunately, the desktop can still be the home dir (really, any dir), even with that setting set to false. That setting is really superfluous since Nautilus 2.20 or so, as we follow the Base...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Nautilus Background Bug

    What I meant is that people who have reported it have commonly had Intel video cards, but it's still probably a problem in the way we're using X somewhere (and there's still a chance it's a video...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Nautilus Background Bug

    We have no idea on this one, but we know that it's common to Intel hardware, so it's probably a bug in the way that we're using X somewhere down the line (else it's a driver bug and there's nothing...
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    Re: Is X working in Intrepid?

    "Working" yes ;).

    There's a bug in libxfont1 which mysteriously stops X from loading for some people (%*$@#*#$!!#), and it's a known issue, so you'll want to put a hold on it before moving to...
  12. [gnome] Re: Altering nautilus 'Create Archive...' behavior

    Can't change it through Nautilus at all ;), it's a Nautilus-extension that file-roller supplies. And you can't change it there without recompiling the file-roller module from source.

    But, OTOH if...
  13. [gnome] Re: gnome-desktop-environment depends on gnome-keyring-manager which doesn't exist

    Seahorse does everything gnome-keyring-manager does, only better, and it does more on top of that (provides encryption/decryption inside of Nautilus through a plugin, as a limited example). This is...
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    Re: Change "Change Desktop Background"...

    We currently hardcode the string (in at least one location I'm aware of off the top of my head... since I was just working on that code...):

  15. [gnome] Re: since 8.04 no windows share (samba) authentication possible

    It's a GVFS-SMB bug, and it's a known issue, and there's a patch you can try (it hasn't been verified by the author of that backend as he's currently on leave, though). It may solve your issues.
  16. [gnome] Re: gnome-desktop-environment depends on gnome-keyring-manager which doesn't exist

    From my understanding, this is just a problem with the metapackage. gnome-keyring-manager was removed from the desktop set in favor of seahorse, and apparently the metapackage is still listing...
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    [gnome] Re: Deleted Items Folder?

    Right click on the panel, select "Add to Panel...", scroll down to "Trash", and add it to the panel.

    And ~/.local/share/Trash/(files,info) is the new Trash location, we're following the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: nautilus root problem

    I don't have enough information to fix the problem, and requested it in my last post (which you seem to have reiterated). And giving a metaphor as to why abhorrent behavior should NOT, UNDER ANY...
  19. [gnome] Re: Issue: Gnome keeps adding links to Samba shares on my desktop!

    What's special about "Windows Shares" vs "Ftp Shares" vs "SFTP Shares" vs...? Just how many bins do we need? Maybe I should add some code to network:// to show mounted network shares, dunno? Nautilus...
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    [ubuntu] Re: No Fonts:/// in Hardy Heron

    Just put them in ~/.fonts and rerun fc-cache. That's all the fonts:// backend used to do. We didn't feel the need to recode fonts and themes because they're not real backends anyways, they'll never...
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    [ubuntu] Re: nautilus root problem

    You have now. Remember it, and remember it well. (Maybe I should fly it in my signature or something...) Nautilus was not designed to run as the root user, it does all kinds of I/O on all kinds of...
  22. Re: Canonical needs to hire more Quality Assurance guys for Intrepid Ibex

    Interesting note. Why do you think that they are "alphas" (funny too, since they've been worked on for over a year and soon to be 5 years respectively), and why do you care how long Canonical plans...
  23. [gnome] Re: Nautilus displays partition sizes instead of mount point names

    Should try restarting. I believe the HAL stuff for persistent mounts only updates on reboot/explicit restart of hald, but I'm not a HAL expert (and, quite frankly, I don't think anyone is these...
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    [all variants] Re: How do I customize Nautilus / Thumbnails

    Yes, with a gconf key (/apps/nautilus/icon_view/thumbnail_size) but it won't help this particular issue. This is a bug in our thumbnailing code since 2.22, and it's a known issue. Normally, we don't...
  25. Thread: Nautilus Crash

    by Awalton

    [ubuntu] Re: Nautilus Crash

    Nautilus shouldn't be able to hang your whole computer like that under any circumstance... File a bug on Launchpad against Ubuntu and give explicit, detailed instructions of how to reproduce the...
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