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  1. Re: connection problem for the update manager

    Yeah, it's there. How to remove that?
  2. Re: connection problem for the update manager

    Dear bapoumba,

    Yeah, It was using a proxy setting when it was temporarily set up there. Now I am back to my home where no proxy is required. I am able to browse the web now, by shifting to "No...
  3. connection problem for the update manager

    when I visited another university this summer, the internet services were provided through intranet, and connection settings were accordingly modofied. When I came back, i changed the connection...
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    [lubuntu] Brightness control option not working


    After having problem with 12.10 in installing in Acer D270 Netbook, I installed 12.04 which is working fine, except that neither can I change brightness through Fn+Left/right arrow keys, or...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: acer aspire one D270 cannot boot linux 3.5.x kernel

    The last thread is that of October 2012. I've just bought one Acer D270 and tried installing 12.10, and i can't boot!
    Any news?
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