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  1. Re: I made a script to add spoken announcements to MP3s files for blind/VI people

    Yeah, I must admit that I (fully sighted other than heavy colour-blindness) found it a lot easier to navigate my own MP3 player after filling it with these announced files.

    I may try it in the car...
  2. I made a script to add spoken announcements to MP3s files for blind/VI people

    Hi, I've created a Perl script to automate the adding of speech-synthesis spoken announcements to the start of MP3s files.

    Scenario: Visually impaired / partially sighted father waiting for...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Unity greeter user list does not include the users' pictures/photos

    I have reported this as a bug. Replying here as this thread is showing up well on Google for searches involving Greeter, User Pictures, User Photos and similar.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Brasero - How to Remove Checksum Feature?

    Thanks for the tip on turning of checksums in Brasero.

    Someone asked why you would want to do this - my answer: Because the files I'm burning are on a relatively slow remote NFS share, maximum...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: lighttpd + php5 dist-upgrade needs apache2.2-common?

    Thanks. Bug submitted:
  6. [ubuntu] lighttpd + php5 dist-upgrade needs apache2.2-common?

    Hi, I ran apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade on my Ubuntu Hardy 8.04.3 server this evening, and suddenly it wants to install apache2.2-common .

    I have lighttpd and php5 installed on my server....
  7. [gnome] Re: Lock keyboard / mouse without locking screen?

    Solved. Use Lock Keyboard For Baby:

    This Perl script locks the keyboard. I've also written a patch for this which...
  8. [gnome] [SOLVED] Lock keyboard / mouse without locking screen?

    Hi, I have a two-year old daughter and a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop running Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 . I would like to show videos on the laptop whilst my daughter can bash the keyboard/mouse/trackpad .
  9. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] HowTo sleep / standby / hibernate / suspend from command line

    There are several threads which unsuccessfully seek a command line method to hibernate or suspend in Ubuntu, WITHOUT requiring root or sudo access. After a bit of digging, I've come up with the...
  10. Re: HowTo: Create a Passwordless / Guest Login (Simple Method)

    I am also getting this problem.

    To reproduce:

    * Add a new desktop user called guest
    * Change the encrypted password for guest in /etc/passwd to:
    * Log in as Guest with no...
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    Re: How-to for crontab

    You need to make sure you've changed into the right directory first; in your case, the directory where DirectoryA is a subdirectory. You can specify your home directory using ~/ or /home/myusername/...
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