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    [ubuntu] Re: Start VNC server on OS load

    Why do you use instead ?
    I've noticed with it works slower, probbaly because it's kinda VNC over RDP

    I tried to use works well for me, except the keyboard...
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    [ubuntu] Asus UL30VT hybrid video card

    My laptop has two videocard one is integrated intel 4500mhd and one is dedicated nvidia gm210.

    1) how can I switch between them?
    2) at least how can I know what video card is used currently?
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Switch on/off nvidia card Asus UL30Vt, UL50V, UL80V laptops

    you probably meant sudo modprobe nvidia_g210m_acpi,
    does it disable nvidia g210 or enable?

    because actually what I want it's enable nvidia based video card, because I can't watch HD movies...
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