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  1. Grub fails to install when booting from USB (ubuntu 12 install)

    Hi Guys,

    Simple question, with i hope a simple answer - this is driving me made!

    I have created a usb ubuntu install (12.4) to install on my machine (none efi) however during installation the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: XBMC intrepid


    deb hardy main
    deb-src hardy main

    Taken from
  3. [ubuntu] Re: bash scripts in terminal (bash/shell scripting?)

    Yeah i have conky all setup and it looks great,

    I think our man conundrumx has hit the nail on the head, yes PS1 variable is exactly what i was after - many thanks!

    Its not like for anything...
  4. [ubuntu] bash scripts in terminal (bash/shell scripting?)

    Hi everyone (i am a n00b)

    Im using hardy heron (loving it by the way!)

    basically i want to brighten up my terminal, a couple of work colleagues have some bash scripts but aren't very forth...
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    Re: Was I ripped off

    Exactly as stated above, the issue is formatted capacity vs. unformatted capacity see
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Dual Non-Cloned Monitors with Ubuntu 8.04?

    I too am looking for a successful non cloned dual monitor setup (ATI call it Big Desktop) ... need to know what cards people have got it working on with relitive ease. :0)
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    [ubuntu] Re: ATI Radeon 9250 driver problem

    I am running the card as well, i can enable compiz etc etc, but performance is next to rubbish, max screen res is only 1280x1024 too :0(

    you are correct envy wont install the driver as the legacy...
  8. Re: HOWTO: VNC over SSH using Public/Private keys From Windows

    Many thanks, Im a total Newb and this was a walk in the park,
    great guide!
  9. Re: HOW TO: Install and configure lm-sensors

    Hi peeps (i am a newbie)

    I have got to stage 3. and ran
    sudo sensors-detect

    i have copied the output:

    # Chip drivers
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    Re: Ubuntu

    Just echo'in what timboellis has said.

    Having been a windows geek for a long long time, i have now made the switch (well a dual boot for the time being, until i can phase everything over!) to...
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