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  1. [SOLVED] Re: How to get thumbnails (preview) of tif images in nautilus

    Many Thanks for that simple tip, going to be a whole lot more productive now :)
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    [ubuntu] Re: Mount error in Ubuntu

    Thanks so much zeex, had built a local Lucid Mirror on the USB drive, computer hung while shutting down, can get back to syncing the mirror:-)

    yabu@PostSFX:~$ sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdf1
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Install in QEMU stalls at "Ready when you are..." after copying files

    I too sat and watched ready when you are scratching the head for a while
    I had lowercase username but changed everything to lowercase, forward button still grey,
    I then selected to use a password...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Just got Ati HD2900xt drivers 9.4 and Xinerama working

    Many thanks for this I have been trying for ages to get the open set up working with dual monitor, one monitor displayed at 1280x1024 but the other one displayed at 1152x864, I had tried following...
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