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  1. Re: Professional opinions: Is Ubuntu a good starting point?

    At there's an Introduction to Linux course that has recently started, it's been delivered in a cooperation with the Linux Foundation. It's free and of the kind of MOOC. I've gone through 3...
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    Re: Laptop/HTPC recommendations

    As far as HTPC is concerned I would recommend Intel's NUC devices. Nice price, slim and compact package, many options - fully compatible with Linux.
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    Re: Laptop/HTPC recommendations

    This Lenovo model looks nice and the price is good ;) Which WiFi chip does your model has?
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    Re: Ubuntu for daily usage and learning.

    I've been using Linux and Ubuntu in general on my home machines on and off since 2009. Since 2012 it's my main desktop OS.
    I use it for general computing, preparing documents for my part time job,...
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    Re: Are you satisfied with your ISP ?

    I would say that I'm in general satisfied with my ISP. I've subscribed about an year ago and there has been only a couple of outages in the connection. I pay for the lowest possible unlimited speed...
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    Re: Thoughts about Utopic Unicorn so far?

    What platform do you use?
    I've upgraded from 13.10 on my IntelNUC machine and it has been flawless so far. there's only one minor bug concerning my smart card reader... but this bug was around in...
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    Re: Trouble loading webpages

    Do you use any proxy in your network?
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Linux-friendly USB headphones and microphone

    I've just got my Logitech H390. It turned out that H340 wasn't available at the retailer, so i've opted for the more advanced model.
    H390 works out of the box I've just tested it. That's nice......
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    Re: wlan0 missing in console after update

    Amazing... sorry to interrupt, but I just wanted to point out the elegance of lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net
    Thank you Varun, It's always good to learn something neat :)

    To me, if wlan0 is no...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Linux-friendly USB headphones and microphone

    I've just ordered one. I shall receive it in the next couple of days. I'm interested to see whether it will work out of the box.
    it's strange that once you mentioned it... I'm also using a Logitech...
  11. Re: Getting Broadcom BC4313 Wi-Fi to work on Ubuntu 12.04 without slowing internet fo

    I have had similar issues with an old Dell laptop with BC4312 chip. Yours is I guess the next chip in the line. I've experimented with different drivers. I finally settled with the official driver...
  12. [SOLVED] Linux-friendly USB headphones and microphone

    I'm using a small form factor computer that does not have standard 1.5 inch jacks... And frankly I didn't even though about this when I was buying it, I was so much fascinated by the idea of having...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Feedback on 14.04 LTS

    I've done a system upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04... It took my system about an hour with the all downloads. So far everything looks good. I'm using IntelNUC DC32171YE with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Buzzing sound on an LED monitor

    Finally, I've got my monitor back from a repair. It has been a long wait. I think that they've changed the power supply. But now it's obvious that it does not make that buzzing sound anymore.
  15. Re: Hundreds of thousands of ATMs in the world use WindowsXP

    30%... That's quite a big number if we're talking worldwide. I've always thought that having a Win machine for POS terminal is such a waste of money ad resources. Fortunately with the advent of the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Buzzing sound on an LED monitor

    Muting the sound does not help in my case. I've tested it several times. There are just combinations of brightness and contrast, and... intense contrast images on the screen that make this buzz....
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    [SOLVED] Buzzing sound on an LED monitor

    So here's the situation. I've recently bought an Intel NUC box, DC32171YE to be exact. I originally had different intentions towards its usage but I finally decided to make it my primary desktop...
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    Re: Careers of Ubuntu Fans

    I hold a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Radio Communications. I've graduated my Masters Degree in 2009. I've started working in the IP Networking field back in 2005 and I'm still into that area. I...
  19. Re: Dell refuses warranty coverage because I ran Ubuntu!!!

    sammiev... After being a DELL laptop user for a couple of years now, I couldn't agree more with this!

    Back to the thread. What DELL support is doing is just ridiculous! And as already mentioned...
  20. Re: Education ministry Romania endorses Ubuntu

    Well that's something ;)
    But I'm just wondering... The Ministry of Education is "urging" the schools to do that? If they are just "urging" them without a proper strategy, without having a plan on...
  21. Re: Raspberry Pi. For those who can't afford a laptop or desktop

    Raspberry Pi looks really cool and I'm looking forward to give it a try when I have a bit more spare time... but, for general purpouse computing I think Intel's NUCs are fare better. Though they come...
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    Re: China switching from MS to Kylin Ubuntu

    I don't see this happening anytime soon :)
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    Re: From Ubuntu to Windows 8

    I've been doing exactly this for the past maybe three years. Yes, there are challenges, but when you're up to them, when you know that you can learn something in the process, when you realize that...
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    Re: I have taken the System76 Plunge

    But... System76 is already shipping in many counties in Europe ;)
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Settings button on the upper right corner does not work...

    It seems like this issue disappears when I reboot. And it's there from time to time...
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