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  1. [ubuntu] Quantzal - wireless light turn off was working now not?


    When I upgraded to Quantzal or 12.10 I found that you had fix the issue with the light on my laptop not turning off when bluetooth and wireless was off. But in the last say 3 days It is stuck...
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    [ubuntu] Re: unable to connect to internet,i use lan

    tried the output of
    $sudo ifconfig
    => to find if it recognises an adapter?
    $sudo dhclient
    => see whether you can get a dhcp server to respond?

    Are you installed on bare metal or are...
  3. [ubuntu] auto focus between maximised snapped windows

    Hi Guys,

    I thought that it is great that you have included snapping windows for half half view however when I have 2 terminals open or say term and browser I currently have to click between them...
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