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  1. [ubuntu] Gallium3D 9 and Mesa on ATi - Explain this to a noob

    Hey guys

    ok basically ive done abit of reading on Gallium Drivers, and 99% of installation instructions and details i found seem heavily based on NVIDIA, but at the same time, gallium mixed with...
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    PS3 - Preformatting with GPartition

    hey guys

    ok basically, i have a 1TB drive and custom modded it into my ps3 so that i can switch between my ps3 and laptop using a 1TB external drive

    But problem is. the ps3 likes to use the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: How to run Cisco CCNA exploration in Ubuntu

    im having alot of trouble getting CCNA to work from the website, i go to netacad, login, launch the course and it doesnt work

    i've tried every flash method in this thread accept global settings
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    Linux Mint Laptop not using GPU GT640M

    hey guys

    i got a new laptop from my brother and its got a GT640M graphics card inside it

    i recently installed the latest ubuntu release and i went to drivers, chose the latest nvidia drivers,...
  5. [ubuntu] VMWare Small Home Network Advice ( Multipe OS's )

    Hey guys

    First up, i wasn't sure if this is the right section to post this, so admins move my post if you feel its necessary

    Recently ive been studying at TAFE Australia ( similar to college in...
  6. Tera and the totalwar Series PlayonLinux question

    Hey guys

    Ok so basically im thinking of switching to linux, and there is only one thing holding me back and that's 3 games i love to play

    1. Tera online
    2. Napoleon total war
    3. Rome 2 total...
  7. Changing the Sound level on multiple video's at once

    hey guys

    ok basically, i have 11-12 videos, and most of them are on the exact same sound level besides 2-3 videos which are extremely loud

    i want a way to change all of them to the same sound...
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