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    [ubuntu] Permissions problem with CIFS shares

    Hi all,

    I am hoping someone can help me, I am having some problems with mounted CIFS shares and permissions. I have two external hard drives mounted to my Netgear D6300 router and shared over the...
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    [lubuntu] Re: MS Office on Ubuntu 10.10

    If you really want to run MS Office 2007 you can download the trial version from here and then activate it using...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Gnome weather: add cities in 9.04?

    Did you find out where the locations.xml file is? The one in /usr/share/evolution-data-server-2.26/weather only has US cities in it. I want to add information for Renmark Airport, SA as my closest...
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    Re: Where did QGIS go?

    I have Qgis working fine in Intrepid AMD64 using the repository and fixes given by mariashaun in post #30.
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    Re: Where did QGIS go?

    I have tried to install it on Intrepid using this PPA repository,

    deb intrepid main

    but I get a segmentation fault when I try to use it.
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    Re: math software for ubuntu

    I use QTOctave which is in the Hardy and Intrepid repositories. This is a front end to Octave and provides a MATLAB like environment and functionality. The version in the Hardy repositories is a...
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    Re: SOS: Error installing MATLAB for All

    Are you installing on a 32 bit system or 64 bit?

    Do you have a 32 bit version of MATLAB or 64 bit?

    I have successfully installed 32 bit MATLAB student edition on 64 bit Ubuntu as follows;

  8. [ubuntu] Re: virtualbox ose install thru synaptic (on hardy) destroyed my ubuntu install?

    I presume you are using Ubuntu as the host OS and you are intending to run Windows as a guest OS in Virtualbox?

    If that is correct then you do not need the virtualbox-ose-guest-utils or...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 7.10 Samba differences between 8.04

    The differences will be to do with the change from gnome-vfs to gvfs so no you should not need the sambashare group in Gutsy.

    If you wish to you can use the old shares-admin from gutsy to set up...
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    Re: SOS: Error installing MATLAB for All

    Did you install it as administrator? In other words put sudo in front of the install command.

    I presume you ran in a terminal.

    you need to run

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    [all variants] Re: [SOLVED] Firefox 3.0 Ubuntu Forums extension

    Add the nightly tester tools extension from here and you can then just install the standard addon from the mozilla addons site. It will give you the option of overriding the version when you install...
  12. Re: Does These Windows Softwares have good Linux Equivalent?

    I'm glad it is working for you now.

    As for the menu entry you can add it with the menu editor as follows;

    Right click on the Applications menu
    Select "Edit Menus"
    In the left hand column...
  13. Re: Does These Windows Softwares have good Linux Equivalent?

    You can start qgis from a terminal using the command

    you can also hit Alt>F2 on your keyboard and enter qgis into the "Run Application" window.

    If you want a menu entry you can either...
  14. Re: Does These Windows Softwares have good Linux Equivalent?

    Hi Diptansu,

    Just to point out the edit on my previous post, I found out after I had replied to you that Qgis is no longer in the ubuntu repositories. You need to add the extra repository as...
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    Re: Where did QGIS go?

    I have installed Qgis from the ppa but the grass plugin doesn't work. Grass works on its own but when I start qgis from the terminal I get "ERROR 1: cannot open shared object file: No...
  16. Re: Does These Windows Softwares have good Linux Equivalent?

    You will need to enable the universe repositories to install qgis. Just go to System>Administration>Software Sources and check the boxes next to "Community maintained open source software...
  17. Re: Does These Windows Softwares have good Linux Equivalent?

    The best alternative here is probably Quantum GIS. It is a GIS system that can work with native files from MapInfo and ARCGis and has numerous plugins available to provide extra features.
    I Don't...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 32 bit, 64 bit, etc.

    I have been using 64 bit ubuntu for about 2 years now and have had no issues whatsover. The only hardware I have had any issue with is my internal dial-up modem and since I went to broadband I...
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    Re: Wine windows are empty

    I had the same problem after installing ie6 using wine-doors. I fixed it by deleting my ~/.wine directory and starting again and this time didn't install ie6.

    I make a habit now before I install...
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    Pin custom compiled package

    I have installed a custom compiled version of gnumeric using apt-source (I needed more rows than the usual 65000) and I am having problems preventing it from being replaced with the version in the...
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    Poll: Re: Which Version Of Ubuntu Was Your First?

    Hoary Hedgehog, and things have definitely improved since then.
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    Re: Fully fledged media player

    I've just been playing around with Songbird and it looks like it may do the job eventually. It's still under development at the moment but it definitely has potential.

    I have been looking for an...
  23. Re: Join the fight against malicious commands given to new users

    I'm in too,

    Just a suggestion, maybe someone has already said this, I haven't read every post, but would it be better to give people graphical ways of doing things rather than commands.

  24. Poll: Re: [idea] make installing cd/dvd from currently installed packages

    I do this already with jigdo to create an install cd and then apt-on-cd to save all the other packages and then an installation/configuration script to set it all up. A gui to integrate these tools...
  25. Re: Virtualbox vs VMware? Whats lighter on the system?

    Virtualbox OSE is in the Gutsy repositories just
    sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose
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