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    Re: Ubuntu support duration

    You are right. I wasn't being very correct there. I take back what I wrote there.

    Thank you, varunendra, that was interesting to read.

    I have been reading about the difference between the way...
  2. Re: My take on Ubuntu after a few days of using

    People's tastes are hard to understand sometimes: the other week, I read someone saying that he loves Windows 8. They'll proverbially have to pry Win XP (Yes, I've an old computer with XP still on...
  3. Re: My take on Ubuntu after a few days of using

    I find the way Windows does thing quite logical (let me not start about _how_ it does thing...). System files in /Windows, program files in /program files, user files in your own home folders.

  4. Re: Making sense of Linux/Ubuntu desktop systems

    As a programmer, you seem to know very little about GNU/Linux. I am just a "stupid" Linux user, I know zilch about programming, hacking, compiling, you name it :p, and I seem to know more than you (I...
  5. Re: My take on Ubuntu after a few days of using

    What, you mean one mustn't whine about it, because one already gets it for free?

    What freedom and control, if I have to get used to Unity (or get another DM or distro)?

    No comment...

  6. Re: My take on Ubuntu after a few days of using

    I am being sarcastic now, but I've read someone saying the exact same thing about Windows 8 - one just "has to get used to it".

    Is that what OS's have become about: "having to get used to it"?
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    Ubuntu support duration

    I am reading that Ubuntu 13.04 (and Xubuntu, too) will be supported for _ONLY_ nine months.

    Why just 9 months? What after those 9 months? Installing (yet again) the new version? I thought one...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Try(hd0, 0): ntfs5: error: "prefix is not set" after installing Xubuntu 11.10 fro


    ...not wanting to hijack this thread... but my Wubi install of "Maya" seems to have failed just a few minutes ago.

    Since I can't get "Maya" and/or Xubuntu 12.04 installed in a regular...
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    Re: Installation problem with GF 560TI

    Well, I'll be darned, I have the same issue _just now_ while trying to install Xubuntu 12.04 on my brand new desktop PC (Core i5-3450, Gigabyte GA-H77-D3S mobo and a Geforce GT 630): black screen...
  10. Re: Give me one reason why Mac OS X is better than Ubuntu...

    You apparently haven't tried it yet :p

    A DMG is like a ZIP file in Windows or a DEB (or RPMs or tar.gzs) in Linux. Do you never download DEBs (or RPMs)?

    But alright, what about un-installing a...
  11. Re: Give me one reason why Mac OS X is better than Ubuntu...

    If given enough time, I am sure I can come up with a few answers that are as sarcastic as your question looks :)

    Anyway, Apple has a serious image problem with me (not that they would care about...
  12. Re: Give me one reason why Mac OS X is better than Ubuntu...

    Hah, that's an easy one.

    Installing programs. Unzip DMG, drag file in the DMG to Program folder, done.

    Not even Synaptic can beat that (not even the CLI, for by the time you have typed apt-get,...
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    Re: Why Linux Sucks

    We don't need standards.

    We need someone who/something that can speak on behalf of GNU/Linux.

    Linux is very much like the European Union. Was it Henry Kissinger who said, "If you call Europe,...
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    Re: Leaving Ubuntu.

    Maybe that says more about Ubuntu than about that person.
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    Re: Missing Gnome..

    I would like to ask Mr. Shuttleworth if a change is always better. If Unity/Ubuntu is "better" (note my quotation marks) than Gnome 2/Ubuntu.

    As many other people, my answer is "No", of course.
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    Re: Add Windows 8 to the Comparison Chart

    Just out of curiosity - how fast does Ubuntu shut down? And which version?

    Linux Mint ("Mate") - with the PC specs in my signature - shuts down in 2 seconds. I'm really not joking. Amazing :p...
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    Re: Questions about Ubunut

    Long time ago I've posted, or even read, the Ubuntuforums.

    Ubuntu "pre-Gnome 3" is the best distro that I personally have ever used. Ubuntu was (note the past tense) so good that I have never had...
  18. Re: So imagine Lucid Lynx (10.04) modernized with a newer version of gnome2

    "Mate" in Linux Mint 13 looks more like KDE than like Gnome 2. Why do they say it is based on Gnome 2--or are they talking of the program code?

    I lost "Lucid Lynx" when I mistakenly installed...
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    Re: Compiz Fusion install on Maya

    Sorry, noob.bot76, no help from me. But I had the same "issue". I was also no longer able to move program windows...

    I found it too much hassle to un-do those "problems" - following the procedure...
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    Poll: Re: Would you use/buy Windows 8?

    What interests me more - why do they contribute? Why does Microsoft contribute to an OS they consider(ed) a threat to Windows? They must have a hidden agenda...

    Oh, and no, I too will not buy/use...
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    Re: Should I get another computer mouse?

    Well, I got me another mouse (a Logitech one). I think MS hardware with Linux is just not done :) It would be like, I dunno, the Ferrari logo on a Lamborghini :p
  22. [xubuntu] Re: Synaptic will not start from menu, software center will not install/remove progra

    (Just as a note of information and not wanting to hijack this thread: my only account here in Xubuntu 10.04, upgraded from 8.04, is also "Custom" (I can change it, though).
    I checked this just now,...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: I am confused by my partitions - can someone help?

    Other n00b'ish users, you mean :) They must be certain which partition contains what. Double-check, and check again. And make backups! :)


    Ubuntu rocks. It is my experience that it is the...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: I am confused by my partitions - can someone help?

    Well, drs305, pity that I did not read your message sooner :)

    Murphy's Law has struck. Xubuntu was indeed not sda3, but sda2. Ubuntu was sda3. And Xubuntu's /home on sda5.

    I wanted to keep...
  25. [SOLVED] Re: Printing question before installing Ubuntu on a client's PC.

    At work, we run SLED10 (KDE 3.5) and we have several Lexmark (laser) printers/models and they work fine. They use CUPS, I can see.

    I have an Epson Stylus R200 here at home - but it is attached to...
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