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  1. [ubuntu] Unusual networking problem/pulseaudio errors

    I've been using Hardy for a few months with few problems. The past couple of weeks I have experienced networking problems that I felt were due to my broadband provider. However, I now know that is...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Network Monitor 2.12.1 "Configure" button errors

    I'm receiving the same error when I click on the configure button. Don't know how to fix it.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Hardy loses network connection

    I'm also having a similar networking issue that started after Hardy went gold. However, I've tracked it down to an what seems to be an errant Pulseaudio process that is sending so much data that...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: CPU jumps up to 100% usage then back down endlessly

    I'm experiencing the same problem. CPU usage is high or 'sawtooth' and System Monitor and top don't provide any information about the errant process. I've turned off all the bling and other running...
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