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    [ubuntu] Re: Firefox slow in 12.04

    I am having the same problem I am about to switch over to chromium. I suspect it could be Java, flash or the Ubuntu add-ons. Perhaps a combination of all 3. It's unusable like this, I'll post a...
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    Re: ubuntu vs. windows 7

    Windows 7 tends to deteriorate in terms of performance over the long term this has been my observation. Also there is antivirus to keep updated not to mention spyware, and maybe it's just me but in...
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    Re: Is society on the verge of collapse

    No, we are evolving. Big difference.
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Nvidia driver activated but not currently in use (11.04)

    I after 2 months still had the same problem. When things got real busy at work I had no more time to troubleshoot this problem. When it takes less than 30 min, many times less than 20 min, to install...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: NVIDIA drivers not working after 11.04 Update. Why can I only see terminal?

    Puting graphics drivers into Ubuntu was a no brainer last verson and has been real user friendly for a long time . What is going on all of a sudden. As if unity wasn't enough.
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Nvidia driver activated but not currently in use (11.04)

    Same problem still, what a mess. Unity and now this, so much for attracting new users.
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    Re: Ubuntu 11.04: is this the end of the road?

    As soon as they started to get involved in the "netbook remix" they lost focus on the desktop. They were so close thats what bugs me, they were well on their way to taking on the Microsoft monster....
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    Re: Ubuntu 11.04: is this the end of the road?

    "Dinky"? I don't think I'd say that but his general idea seems correct, I don't pretend to know what Shuttleworth is thinking or where he's heading with Ubuntu but it seems this whole "unity" idea...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Sound Problem with 10.10 Desktop

    I can't be of much help to you, but I have the same sound card and mine does the same thing. I find if I wait about 30 seconds or so the sound smooths out and stops the skipping and cracking...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Modprobe: Fatal: Could not load ... after 10.10 Install

    This issue came back after an update about a week or 2 ago. The solution at the link I posted earlier fixed it the first time then after the update the problem came back and no solution I found so...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Modprobe: Fatal: Could not load ... after 10.10 Install

    I solved the problem using this thread
    Scroll down to post #12 Follow the instructions in the post, it works like a charm.
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Modprobe: Fatal: Could not load ... after 10.10 Install

    Same issue here to, then login screen freezes for about 30 seconds or so. then all seems fine.
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    Re: Ubuntu is going backwards

    Thank god I was thinking I was the only one who noticed. Your right since about 8.04 things changed or perhaps Ubuntus' focus changed.
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    [SOLVED] Re: problem printing to network printer

    I just installed 10.10 and now I have a very similar problem with this same printer, I have NEVER had a problem with this printer. I can get the printer to print with the links and instructions here...
  15. Re: Ubuntu 10.04 32bit running UT99GOTY linux client

    Awesome how does it run? it must be really fast even with all the graphics turned up as high as they will go. Have you tried UT2004 CD edition? This is the one that gives me grief I can only get as...
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    Re: What is your preferred portable music device?

    Car radio.
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    Re: "I use Firefox instead of Linux"

    Yea I think I'm gonna start using OSX instead of thunderbird. ROFL:P
  18. Re: Why Linux Isn't the Most Popular Operating System

    It seems that a key component of competing with any other operating system is our unity or lack of it. We as Linux users of all distros are stronger with all the distros united than we ever will be...
  19. Re: Working With Microsoft

    Sorry Penguin Guy I wasn't referring to you necessarily when I said "asking the same question over and over" I was referring to all of us, Linux users in general. the fact of the matter is we need...
  20. Re: Why Linux Isn't the Most Popular Operating System

    One aspect of "why is Linux not more popular than it is" that seems not to get mentioned much is $$$MONEY$$$ Microsoft has billions of dollars invested in this whole software business, they pay...
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    Re: Just how secure is Ubuntu?

    It is so secure,...the light from insecure will take a billion years to reach us.
    Sorry I just couldn't resist that one.:lolflag:
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    Re: How many of you use Evolution.

    I use it and the big attraction for me is the real easy backup, no other client that I know of has this feature. The great part is the backup backs up emails addresses settings , the works. I don't...
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    Re: I miss Ubuntu. ):

    You got it, right in this post "Ubuntu 9.10 + 7 dual boot"
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    Re: Thoughts:Google Chrome Beta

    Yea the chrome browser is fast but reading the EULA tells me we pay a price for this speed I quote
    “By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable,...
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    Re: Ubuntu Satanic Edition 666.4 Live CD Released

    Are you serious ? Does this really exist ? I am honoured but you really didn't have to, a simple prayer or thank you would have been just fine. LOL
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