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    [ubuntu] Brother HL-L2360DW debian drivers: lpr first and then cupswrapper driver

    Hi Ozark;

    so to get a printer working you usually need 3 steps:

    1) establish a connection
    2) install drivers
    3) register the printer on your system

  2. [SOLVED] SOLVED Brother MFC-J475DW using Brother printer install tool

    .............well're a champ! Enjoy
  3. [SOLVED] Brother MFC-J475DW usb install 14.10 say NO to specify DeviceURI

    Hi Bob;

    I learn something new each day; going back over Brother's instructions (I did a fresh download for myself of that file to see the instructions),...
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    [all variants] Lenovo thinkpad x201 tablet

    not sure if you spotted the title of this huge, long-running thread that you have elected to post on; to me, it says Wacom tablet but you seem to have a Lenovo Thinkpad tablet computer?

    You might...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Printer is recognized, will not print. Xubuntu 14.10.

    so to set up a printer there are generally 3 steps:

    1) establish a connection
    2) install the drivers
    3) register the printer on one's system

    If I was advising someone how to install the...
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    ImageClass MF4890

    my apologies: I don't know how I misread it but you are right: the MF4890 is not mentioned in the sane listings;

    do join the sane development list: they will be glad of your help and they should...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Cannot install correctly Epson L355 wifi printer in notebook with Ubuntu 12.04

    no; you shouldn't need sudo: the command is asking lpinfo (linux printing info) to list (ls) and do it fully ie verbose so one uses the -v for that

    anyone should be able to find what printers...
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    Re: unable to scan using canon imageclass d530

    the standard release of sane does not support this device; the good news is the development release does;

    to get it, one adds the ppa of sane that the development team looks after; it is the Rolf...
  9. [SOLVED] Solved!!!! Epson L355 wifi printer works well

    Hi there Guaicara; well done

    if you are still there ..!!

    can you run the command
    /usr/sbin/lpinfo -v and I hope it will show the result


    the command line way to...
  10. Fuji Xerox P265 dw Fuji do not supply linux drivers but the device is Google cloud

    Gordon has pinpointed the issue for you: Fuji do not provide linux drivers;

    Fuji do say your very excellent printer is google cloud ready; so you might find that the best way to go...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to get printer to work (cable not detected, lsusb doesn't detect)

    further to vladlenin's comments;

    another issue is ............ 2 printers............ both usb connected?

    The reason it can be a problem is that with a single usb printer, it will be set up as...
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    Re: ImageClass MFW Scanner

    Hi Brian

    I was using the sane development listing..............where they seemed to say the MF4800 series was supported;

    what does
    lsusb give ....assuming it is...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Cannot install correctly Epson L355 wifi printer in notebook with Ubuntu 12.04

    have a read at this ............. I just wonder if the applies to your case ..............meaning that you change the settings on the...
  14. [SOLVED] Re: Cannot install correctly Epson L355 wifi printer in notebook with Ubuntu 12.04

    phew; some days the little grey cells struggle to cope with the demands on them; I have worked through your post but if I start this by saying one seems to need to do 3 things to set up a printer:
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    Canon ImageClass MF4890: suggest add the Rolf Bensch ppa for latest sane

    thanks brian;

    I would say the 4890 is in the 4800 series; on the sane development list, it says the 4800 is completely supported
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    Re: ImageClass MFW Scanner

    Hi Brian;

    you don't mention which Canon MF you have ................. that might have helped a bit!

    From here the sane development...
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    [SOLVED] Canon Imageclass D420 SOLVED 64bit ubuntu needs libxml2:i386 libjpeg62:i386 libstdc++

    glad to hear it is working

    perhaps I should have recommended a restart of cups after the extra libraries were installed
    sudo service cups restart

    (the old-fashioned "reboot" also...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Canon IP5300 gutenprint driver "missing print filter"

    great! enjoy a new printer
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    [SOLVED] Re: Canon Imageclass D420 Only Prints Test Pages

    Inside the UFR package you downloaded; is a readme file; various distros need extra files installed; if one chooses to go the 64bit way;

    for ubuntu, Canon say

    sudo apt-get install...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Canon IP5300 gutenprint driver "missing print filter"


    .......... new printers do seem to be a small cost these days; if one buys the basic; the cumulative ink cost is the running cost;

    if you feel like spending a few minutes on this...
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    [lubuntu] teigha viewer will not run

    I use two programmes to help install packages; and check what is installed;

    gdebi installer ............. installs...............and synaptic package manager ............. checks what is...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Canon IP5300 gutenprint driver "missing print filter"

    thanks; you seem to have all the packages installed that are needed; some folks have found they don't have all the cups packages installed that they need; I am not sure how that happens;

    I would...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Brother MFC-J475DW On Ubuntu 14.04 Not Printing

    if we find out what drivers were installed please: if you can paste this command into a terminal; then copy the result and paste it back here please
    dpkg -l | grep Brother

  24. [ubuntu] Re: Canon IP5300 gutenprint driver "missing print filter"

    if you can open a terminal please: if you hold down three keys: the control and the alt and the t keys all at once ...............

    .............and then if you paste the command below into the...
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    [lubuntu] Next I have to get a .dwg cad viewer to work

    pleased to hear all is good;

    no, I don't know about dwg viewers but if you start on google with something like

    ....... you might have some hits ......... often there are specialist forums...
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