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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Command for converting large music file from mp3 to WAV

    I agree, think of WAV format as a kind of like the RAW format when shooting pictures. You will get the most dynamic sound experience in the original WAV format. MP3 compresses the sound to make it...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Installing on a 500Gb USB Toshiba HD

    I had to use two different sets of install instructions to get the external drive working, but seems to boot fine on the laptop as long as it remains plugged in. If you disconnect the drive and boot...
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    [ubuntu] Installing on a 500Gb USB Toshiba HD

    It has been since version 9 that I have used Ubuntu; not because of it's shortcomings. Personially I believe Linux is a far superior OS than windows. However there are some software packages that I...
  4. Thread: AMB Athlon XP

    by TGamel

    [ubuntu] AMB Athlon XP

    Just wanted to say it once again Ubuntu rocks.....Had an old AMD Athlon X2800...Hadn't used it in years, been using Ubuntu on my AMD triple core processor and decidede what the heck lets try I386 on...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: ATI & Nvidia: no X, just blinking on 2.6.31 (Karmic 9.10)

    I have been using Ubuntu for about three months with no problems, 9.10 even works great on my Acer 5050-3242 laptop with no problems. However, I just downloaded new updates to Ubuntu 9.10 per the...
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