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  1. [kubuntu] Re: network-manager service prevents PC from sleeping

    This isn't a solution, per se, but a workaround - since you seem to have successfully isolated the problem, you could at least automate the successful sleep scenario that you found.

    In particular,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problems with AirPlay plugin for Totem

    I'm not surprised to hear that, but I had never tried it before 11.10.

    More than likely, it was yet another casualty of the poor development process that was 11.10.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problems with AirPlay plugin for Totem

    Having a similar problem. As tyce suggests, I've tried both the user local (.local/share/totem/plugins) directory and the system-wide (/usr/lib/totem/plugins) directory. Neither seems to work.

  4. [ubuntu] Re: Compiz cube has a glitch when rotates, and looses window focus

    I have all of these problems as well. It's pretty frustrating.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Install Over Previous Version

    That will work fine, as long as there's nothing on that partition that you want to save. If you're using the manual partitioning option, tell it to format the partition as ext3 or ext4, and mount...
  6. [ubuntu] Netbook Remix fails to install - "failed to remove conflicting files"

    I've tried about five times to install Ubuntu NBR onto my Asus EEE 1000H. For those of you who have one, you'll know that there are two HDDs - an 8GB drive, on which I install my OS and swap, and a...
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    [all variants] Xorg mouse configuration

    I have a new =) Logitech MX Air mouse, and I have two issues which are related, at least in my own mind.

    #1, the clickable "scroll up" button doesn't work. Scroll down does, so I am surprised...
  8. Re: Howto: WOW with Wine (

    I had the same error, and doing an "ls -la" on the directory revealed that the files had the wrong owner (root). cd to that directory, and run

    sudo chown <username> **

    and it may work. It...
  9. [ubuntu] Safe to kill gdm to save power? and other questions.

    My desktop produces a lot of heat. It's making my room unbearably hot at times during the summer, and yet I have processes running that I really want to allow to run all day and night.

    Can I...
  10. [ubuntu] Sound doesn't work after resume from hibernate.

    In 8.04, with the newest kernel updates and everything, sound still doesn't work after resuming from hibernation. I've tried alsa-utils force reload and things like that. amixer reports that...
  11. [ubuntu] Always start certain applications on particular viewports with compiz

    I know that Devil's Pie exists, but I was under the impression that Compiz had a plugin that enabled similar functionality. My desires are pretty basic; I'd like Pidgin (on startup) to put the Buddy...
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    [ubuntu] Re: flash plugin won't always start

    I'm having the same problem. My description is in that thread.

    As an aside, if anyone has trouble with, it seems to...
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    [ubuntu] flash works only sometimes

    On Hardy (8.04), using the supplied Firefox 3 Beta 5, and having allowed Firefox to install Adobe Flash, I have a mildly frustrating issue with Flash, which is that it only works some of the time. ...
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    Re: HOWTO: Install GNU Emacs with antialiasing

    Not to oversimplify, but I do know of one solution that worked wonderfully for me. Given that the "Pretty Emacs" (Google it) solution doesn't seem to be working for Hardy Heron, I found something...
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