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  1. Re: Accessing data from an OpenOffice calc file using PHP

    Thanks Ilsati.
    I don't want to add the manual steps of exporting data from OpenOffice. I need to be able to read the file directly.
  2. Accessing data from an OpenOffice calc file using PHP

    Hello all. I would like to write a program in PHP that reads data from an OpenOffice .ods file. I have found PEAR but have not installed it. Am I on the right path? Is there another package that...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Client not getting IP address through DHCP while UEC installation

    See other post and check out
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Client not getting IP address through DHCP while UEC installation

    By client I am assuming you mean you want to set up a host machine that's not part of UEC or an instance and you want the DHCP server on the CLC to handle all DHCP services on your network. I also...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot access the running instance from client

    check the iptables on CLC (frontend).
  6. [ubuntu] Re: What do I need to start developing application in ubuntu cloud ?

    There are several places to go from here. There are instances already created out there that you can use as a starting place. To build your own I would start here:...
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    [ubuntu] Re: UEC and DHCP

    You have to have another host (not one of the UEC machines) be the DHCP server. Both DHCP servers can then be restricted to an IP range that only they issue. UEC will use its own DHCP server and only...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: that generic euca-attach-volumes problem :)

    Here's what I'm getting.
    You have 2 machines: machine 1;CLC,WC,SC,CC and machine 2; NC.
    When you shut down the "front end" you mean machine 1.

    If you had volumes attached to the instance when...
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    [ubuntu] Re: MultiCluster Installation Issue

    My thoughts:

    Shouldn't CLC be able to access NC? If so, does your CC's network route request to NC from CLC (and the other way)?
    Check this link:...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Problem with services in seperated machines

    I've never tried to build so big a cloud and have yet to put CC on another machine.

    How were the servers installed? CD? installed over established servers?

    Make sure all the machines have...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Topology Question/DHCP

    If you want more that one web server on your single IP address you must use different port numbers to access them. From the internet your clients must enter something like this:...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Topology Question/DHCP

    Need more information.
    You want to have each instance be assigned an IP from your ISP upon startup?

    Do you have exclusive use of the IP's that are assigned to you?

    Can you switch your router...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: oh my gosh, i just want to install JAVA, why does it have to be so HARD!!!!

    My 2
    agnisflugen. You do not need to install java. All you need is the java add-on for your browser. Which browser are you using?
    Another thing, your printer has to be a real printer. Adobe or any...
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    [ubuntu] Re: UEC Front end, seperate OS nodes?

    Your only hope is to find a CPU with VT. If the CLC machine has a CPU w/ VT you could switch machines.
  15. [ubuntu] Re: when instance restart installed Apache will disappear

    Problem 1 has several causes. Most concern the firewall.

    Every instance begins from an image that exists already. What you want requires you to build an image you want when you start an instance....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Cloud Computing Framework

    Here is the starting place for UEC.
    And yes you can.
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Can VM's use more than one node in Ubuntu Cloud?

    Sorry. I'm not 100% but I believe the answer is no. That is more in the realm of Beowolf or another distributed computing structure.
    Are the other resources you want to access more RAM, another core...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Can VM's use more than one node in Ubuntu Cloud?

    I assume your reference to 'resources on other nodes' is instances running on another node since the only things on any node are other running instances. If so, then yes, you can access other...
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    [ubuntu] Re: CLC not running

    Well I have two questions.
    Why are you using a desktop installation as you CLC server? There are a few things I can think of concerning this. Your Credentials and subdirectories for starters.
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    [ubuntu] Re: clc with single network interface

    I made a few assumptions about your setup.

    One way you would have a problem running uec with only one nic is that you only have one IP address per machine to work with.

    If that is your...
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    [ubuntu] Re: clc with single network interface

    My UEC runs on only one nic per machine. Setting up a bridge allows everyone to avoid each other.

    Granted, I do not allow access to the network from anywhere outside save one. Me.
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    [ubuntu] Re: SSH problems

    I believe if you try running that piece of bash code nothing will happen. As I see it, you've already created the file mykey.priv in the .euca subdirectory. This test:

    will fail and the code will...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Doesn't have eth0 interface in VM, It can not connect to the Internet directly

    Does this mean you loaded a Karmic image onto an instance you downloaded from the store and successfully started and are now trying to run a VM of the Karmic image on your instance?
    I am confused as...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Can not SSH to Instance download from Store

    Take the '$' out of the ssh command line. It is used to access the variable IPADDR only.
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    [ubuntu] Re: SSH problems

    Where is the file mykey.priv (if you followed the CD install it will be in the ~/.euca subdirectory or in your home directory otherwise)?

    Can you ping your instance from the CLC?

    Are you using...
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